Eric has more than 13 years of experience in energy law and other public and regulatory law. He particularly advises industrial companies on electricity cost optimization (Special Compensation Scheme, electricity price compensation), obtaining government grants (especially under the Electricity Price Control Act and the Natural Gas and Heat Price Control Act), and decarbonization projects in the industry. Additionally, he works with traditional energy supply companies in energy distribution, municipalities, and energy providers in electricity and gas concession procedures, as well as in the field of renewable energy. 

He began his professional career in 2011 at Becker Büttner Held (BBH), followed by positions at Bird & Bird, PwC Legal, and EY Law, all located in Munich. 

In 2024, he joined Addleshaw Goddard.

  • Ongoing advice for a gas supply company (regional utility) on gas supply contracts (drafting contracts, order forms, and general terms and conditions)
  • Conducting numerous selection procedures for the procurement of electricity, gas, and water concessions and conducting various preliminary injunction proceedings in first and second instances (regional court and higher regional court)
  • Creation of legal opinions in the field of renewable energy
  • Creation of a legal opinion on the gas procurement surcharge
  • Advising, conceptualizing, and supporting approximately 50 industrial companies in the context of the electricity, gas, and heat price brake, the December Immediate Aid, the Energy Cost Reduction Program (EKDP), and hospitals at the interface with the Hospital Financing Act
  • Extensive activities for industrial companies (industrial gas manufacturers and the chemical industry) in the application process for the Special Compensation Scheme under the EEG and EnFG
  • Advising a chemical industry company on a feasibility study for decarbonization
  • Admission to the Bar – Germany (2009)
  • Second State Examination, Higher Regional Court Munich (2009)
  • Training as a Business Mediator (MuCDR) (2008)
  • First State Examination, Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich, previously Julius-Maximilians-University Würzburg and Université de Lausanne (2007)
  • English
  • German

Eric is a permanent editorial member and author of EnK-Aktuell (Energy Crisis Update in Beck Verlag) and regularly publishes articles on energy law:

  • BKartA: Abteilung zur Missbrauchsaufsicht über Preisbremsen für Strom, leitungsgebundenes Erdgas und Wärme, in: EnK-Aktuell 2023, 01026
  • Aktuelle Photovoltaik-Strategie der Bundesregierung, in: EnK-Aktuell 2023, 01081 
  • Wirtschaftsministerium prüft weiter möglichen Industriestrompreis – Ein Stimmungsbild zum aktuellen Verfahrens- und Meinungsstand, in: EnK-Aktuell 2023, 010114 
  • Arbeitspapier des BMWK zum Industriestrompreis, in: EnK-Aktuell 2023, 010118 
  • • Mehr Tempo beim Ausbau der Solarenergie, in: EnK-Aktuell 2023, 010132 
  • Abschöpfung von Überschusserlösen nach dem Strompreisbremsengesetz endet, in: EnK-Aktuell 2023, 010147 
  • Änderung der Differenzbetragsanpassungsverordnung zum 1.9.2023, in: EnK-Aktuell 2023, 010156 
  • Entwurf eines Gesetzes zur Steigerung des Ausbaus photovoltaischer Energieerzeugung – Solarpaket I, in: EnK-Aktuell 2023, 010181
  • Größerer Spielraum für Offene Immobilienfonds im Rahmen von Erneuerbaren-Energien-Investitionen, in: EnK-Aktuell 2023, 010180
  • Prüfbehörden für die nationalen Energiepreisbremsen stehen fest, in: EnK-Aktuell 2023, 010191
  • Antragsportal der Prüfbehörde im Rahmen der Energiepreisbremsen ist online, in: EnK-Aktuell 2023, 010200
  • Der neue EU-Grenzausgleichsmechanismus, in: EnK-Aktuell 2023, 010204
  • Bundesregierung legt Gesetz zur kommunalen Wärmeplanung vor, in: EnK-Aktuell 2023, 010223
  • Energiepreisbremsen: Pre-Check für Höchstgrenzen, in: EnK-Aktuell 2023, 010227
  • Strompreispaket für produzierende Unternehmen – Bundesregierung entlastet stromintensive Unternehmen, in: EnK-Aktuell 2023
  • Bar Association Munich 
  • German Bar Association
  • Jurists Alumni Würzburg
  • Anglo-Swiss Law Society
  • Club of Alumni of the Hanns Seidel Foundation (CdAS)
  • Parliamentary Follow-up Program of the CDU/CSU Parliamentary Group (PNP)
Training Delivered
  • Expert Conference "City and Exterior Lighting Dresden 2023," Electricity Price Brake and Impacts on Municipal Extraction Points