24 January 2024
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What to expect in Employment Law for 2024

To The Point

With several changes in employment law coming up in 2024, we highlight what employers need to know and include our "at a glance" timeline which sets out the key developments and expected dates of enactment.

We saw a number of employment law changes in 2023 which we highlighted earlier in the month in our article The Twelve Months of Employment Law 2023.  Looking ahead, the pace of change does not seem to be slowing and there are several key developments on the horizon. We have set out what you need to know below and our "at a glance" timeline will give you the key dates to remember.

Flexible Working
Family-Friendly Rights
Holiday Entitlement for Irregular Hours and Part Year Workers
Preventing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
Dismissal and Re-engagement
National Minimum Wage rises
What else to keep an eye on

To the Point 

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