26 March 2024
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Action Plan for UK Occupational Health – Key developments for employers

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The UK Government is focussed on trying to reduce sickness related job losses and boost productivity. It considers increasing the use of occupational health (OH) in the workplace as one of the keys measures in trying to achieve that goal. Following on from the Working Better Consultation, it set up the new Occupational Health Taskforce which will try to improve awareness of the use of OH and will produce a voluntary OH framework for business expected to be published in summer 2024. 

According to figures recently published by the UK Government, only 28% of employers in Britain provide access to an Occupational Health (OH) service. The UK Government is committed to increasing the role of employers in addressing issues around ill-health in the workforce and has recently announced measures it is taking to tackle this and boost the use of OH in the workplace. It remains to be seen whether improved access to OH will have the UK Government's desired effect of reducing sickness related job losses and boosting productivity.

Voluntary Framework for Employers
Establishment of new OH Taskforce

To the Point 

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