17 June 2024
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AG Integrate Blog Series - Stephen Dawson

To The Point
(3 min read)

AG Integrate's Resourcer, Vivien Ha, interviews Stephen Dawson, one of our Consultants who has provided an exceptional service to one of our Firm's key Clients. Stephen describes what attracted him to AG Integrate and to consultancy. Learn more about his experience and why he finds being an AG Integrate Consultant to be the ideal match for him here.

Welcome to the next instalment of our blog series where we explain why AG Integrate is the perfect match for our talented Consultant, Stephen Dawson.

We’ve been placing hundreds of interim lawyers, legal ops, compliance, risk, governance, company secretarial and other specialists into in-house roles at the world’s best brands since 2015.

But there's a difference when working with AG Integrate, because where your next interim legal consultant or legal role is concerned, for us getting it almost right is 100% wrong.

Who is the star of this Blog Series?

In this series we interviewed Stephen Dawson, a Financial Services Lawyer and Compliance Specialist, who has provided invaluable support to our client in private practice.

What drew you to working as an AG Integrate Consultant?

I have been a lawyer in private practice for 25 years, and so my career path didn't necessarily anticipate being a consultant. That said, in my role running a large Financial Services team it has been obvious for maybe 5 years that the traditional model of fixed headcount and inflexible capacity needed to change. I took time out of private practice and looked at my options. Addleshaw Goddard, and specifically AG Integrate, gave me the best of both worlds i.e., the strength of the brand and the quality of the clients. Seemed like the natural thing to do!

How did you find the transition between moving from private practice to consultancy?

It is challenging to step away from the familiar feeling of full-time employment, with benefits perks and management responsibility. That said, I am now able to focus on my knowledge, skills and one client at a time. I get to do the very best job I am capable of, and I have the ultimate flexibility. My inbox is less crammed, and my management time is replaced with knowledge, research and quality of output. In my specialism every detail matters and consultancy gives me time to really focus.

What do you enjoy the most about working in Compliance?

Compliance is all about detail and maintaining the morals and ethics in Financial Services businesses. Far from business prevention (outdated and offensive language to a consultant), compliance is about keeping an eye on the bigger picture and working with senior management to keep the moral compass due north, or certainly only a few degrees off!

What has been your AG Integrate career highlight so far?

For me it has been a quieter inbox, time to focus and the chance to really impress clients with knowledge and experience. AG Integrate is a very strong brand, and I am proud to bring all of my career experience to the work I do every day.

What do you love to do outside of work? Tell us more about you

I am a formally qualified Search and Rescue Technician in the Lowland Rescue and am training to take a role as Rescue Boat Coxswain - essentially the pinnacle of boat driving skills. I enjoy the contrast of my warm home office with freezing, wet and stressful conditions. Helping vulnerable people just when they need it. Bringing people home safely. And getting home to my cocker spaniel after a stressful search at 4am - the welcome makes it all worth it.

Next steps

At AG Integrate, we are here to create opportunities for excellent lawyers / compliance professionals and provide our esteemed Clients with effective support and creative solutions. If you are a Client looking for interim support or you are a professional who would like to know more around our interim opportunities, please don't hesitate to reach out.

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Vivien Ha
Vivien Ha
Resourcer – AG Integrate

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