15 February 2024
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AG Integrate Paralegal Blog Series - Katherine Oredugba

To The Point
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AG Integrate's Resourcer, Vivien Ha, interviews Katherine Oredugba, one of our trusted Paralegal Consultants who has provided an exceptional service to one of our Firm's key Clients. Katherine explains how working with AG Integrate has significantly contributed to the advancement of her legal career to date. Discover more about her journey and why being an AG Integrate Consultant is the perfect fit for her!

Welcome to the next instalment of our blog series where we explain why AG Integrate is the perfect match for our Hub of AG Integrate Paralegal Consultants.

The rise in demand for interim Paralegal support in legal services is a constant; businesses are looking for increased efficiencies and the need for interim Paralegal support continues to grow and shows no signs of slowing down.

AG Integrate's Paralegal Hub talent pool includes a range of talented and ambitious individuals from law graduates, looking to develop their practical skills and gain exposure to a variety of quality work across a number of different sectors / industries, to career Paralegals.

Additionally, those individuals who are looking to qualify through the SQE route, requiring two years' full time (or equivalent) qualifying work experience (QWE) can take the opportunity to become a consultant, securing assignments that fit around them whilst being able to gain experience to develop some or all the competences needed to be a solicitor.

Who is the star of this Blog Series?

In this series we interviewed Katherine Oredugba, an AG Integrate Paralegal Consultant who has provided invaluable support to our Client in the transport sector.

Can you share with us your journey into the legal profession to date, including why a legal career is for you?

My legal journey started when I undertook a foundation law degree in Nottingham. Upon successfully completing this program, I was able to directly enter the second year of a bachelor's degree in law. Afterwards, I made the decision to pursue a Master's degree in law in London. As interim roles gained popularity, my interest in gaining legal experience through this path grew. Upon joining AGI in December 2021, I swiftly secured a position within the transport sector and have remained there ever since! I am convinced that a legal career is the right career for me because I thoroughly enjoy learning about changes in the law and seeing it develop. Additionally, I like the mixture of law and business, I believe I inherited my business acumen from my father, who trained as an accountant. Law is certainly not a one-size-fits-all field and can be applied to various areas.

What attracted you to working as a consultant with AG Integrate?

The initial aspect that drew me towards AG Integrate was its brand – AG is a leading and respected law firm that I was eager to work with. What I appreciate the most is the continuous support I receive throughout the entire process. The team is exceptionally responsive and engaged, unlike traditional recruitment agencies that either pester you with irrelevant opportunities or ignore you.

What have you enjoyed the most about becoming an AG Integrate Paralegal?

One of the most enjoyable aspects of my role as an AG Integrate Paralegal is the chance to continuously learn and enhance my skills. It has provided me with the opportunity to gain awareness and knowledge in a sector that I had not previously considered.

Can you explain how you have been supported in your roles by the AG Integrate team?

The AG Integrate team consistently ensures that I feel supported in my role through their consistent communication. Even before my start date, they maintain regular contact and provide valuable information regarding what to expect on my first day. I have regular catch-up sessions with the team, and they always follow up with emails containing various search platforms and resources to assist me in my work if needed.

How has becoming an AG Integrate Paralegal been the perfect match for you and supported with your future career aspirations?

Joining AG Integrate as a Paralegal has undoubtedly supported my career aspirations. While at university, the focus is often on the traditional methods of entering the legal profession. However, working as a consultant has allowed me to explore diverse avenues within the legal sector, broadening my perspective on the various roles available. Since taking on a role in the transport sector, I have discovered a keen interest in corporate governance, and I am even considering pursuing a master's degree in this field. Without being part of AG Integrate, I may not have realised that this was an area I wanted to explore.

What has been your AG Integrate highlight?

The highlight of my experience with AG Integrate has been the delightful Christmas hampers the team gifts to me. The attention to detail, from the personalised note to the presentation of the gift, was well thought out. I look forward to this every year and it really shows they value you as a consultant.

Next steps

At AG Integrate, we are here to create opportunities for graduates and career Paralegals and provide our esteemed Clients with effective support and creative solutions. If you are a Client looking for interim Paralegal support or you are a Paralegal who would like to know more around our opportunities, please don't hesitate to reach out to Clover Matthews or Vivien Ha.

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