5 September 2023
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Does your business use ChatGPT? Should you care?

To The Point
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This article provides practical tips when using ChatGPT for businesses. It highlights restrictions in OpenAI's terms of use, including for legal advice and in the context of disputes. ChatGPT is still being developed and so the legal terms exclude warranties and independent verification of output is advised. Disclosure of AI-generated output is required, even for derivative works, to avoid breach. Recommendations include updated guidance on legal use, independent verification and proper citation. The article also flags but does not cover broader contractual, IP, regulatory, and ethical issues. 

We've looked at some of the risks and issues to be aware to when using Chat GPT and provided some tips for your business to get ahead of the risks.  

An important point before we continue: we will refer to the Terms which are the ChatGPT terms of use, provided by OpenAI, including usage policies, available here, which can be updated by OpenAI at any time. The Terms will apply to your use of ChatGPT, contain important conditions and restrictions which may, by extension, already apply to data held by, or being used by, your organisation. So it is important to understand how ChatGPT is being used and what for.

Issue 1: (In)Accuracy
Issue 2: Disclosing the use of AI usage
Issue 3: Legal Use

Next steps

We are keen to discuss what we are seeing in the market place, how you can maximise the benefits and minimise the risks of using generative AI solutions and do please contact any of our Gen AI specialists named on this page. 

To the Point 

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