20 July 2023
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Chapter 1: Bankruptcy in France – Challenges to a Trustee in Bankruptcy gaining recognition in a post Brexit landscape

To The Point

An article for Insolvency Practitioners and other insolvency specialists outlining the challenges and pitfalls of obtaining recognition of a Trustee in Bankruptcy to enable enforcement over assets in France in a post-Brexit and post-Covid cross-border insolvency landscape. 


Once upon a time, the European Courts were a maze for the intrepid UK cross-border recovery specialists to navigate, tracing assets of UK based debtors into foreign lands. Then the UK agreed that it was actually a European country and signed up for the EU (originally EC, it goes that far back) Regulations on Insolvency Proceedings and all was much more convivial. But then the UK voted to exit, ultimately leaving UK insolvency practitioners bereft of the happy mechanisms to capture EU assets laid out in the regulations.

Then, COVID struck its fateful blows, and the impact of Brexit could not really be known until UK creditors were free once again to ask debtors for their money back and take action if they refused. This resulted in a case where we had to run back into the maze, this time within France, to see exactly what is known and not known about UK bankruptcy. 

The Halcyon Days
The Divorce
Return to the Old Days

In Chapter 2:

Multiple challengers to our white knight lying in wait, will justice be done and will the hidden treasure be found and brought back to our shores? To be continued… In the meantime, if you'd like to discuss the topic, please get in touch with one of our specialists.

To the Point 

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