7 November 2023
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Healthcare Hot Topics – October 2023

To The Point

Highlights this month include: the new Provider Selection Regime Regulations that will play a vital role in governing the procurement of healthcare services in England from next year; the findings from a recent health conference about the enabling of generative AI in healthcare; and a new report from IHPN which has found that young people are more open to the idea of using private healthcare than previously thought.

Welcome to our monthly healthcare update with all the latest developments you need to know about


New procurement rules for healthcare services - provider selection regime
GE healthcare to create AI for mass casualty event preparedness
Grant awarded for AI-assisted robotics system
Generative AI cited as biggest disruptor for healthcare
Google debuts new AI search capabilities for health providers
Debate: Is the NHS ready for clinical use of AI?
IHPN report shows young people more likely to pay for private healthcare
Signature to install CCTV in care homes following trial

To the Point 

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