11 December 2023
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Disability History Month: Menopause and the workplace

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With menopause-related employment tribunal claims on the rise, it is imperative for all employers to understand how to support their menopausal employees better. This article covers recent developments and sets out key takeaways and suggested initiatives that employers can implement going forward.


For our fourth article that spotlights disability issues, we focus on menopause. 

Menopause and the workplace

Following on from our previous articles on this topic last year, there have been some recent cases and developments on the issues around menopause and the workplace. 

The British Standards Institution published a report earlier this year examining why women leave the workforce early (not out of personal preference). Of the UK women surveyed, the report found that:

  • 20% mentioned health or wellbeing considerations for the menopause as a barrier to continuing in work.
  • 54% would find it difficult to raise health and menopause-related issues with their employer and 60% would be uncomfortable raising these issues with a male manager.
  • 71% said formal policies to address personal health and wellbeing issues such as menopause would be helpful. However, only 4% were aware of such policies in their organisation.

These figures are an important reminder of the impact that going through menopause has on an employee's experience in the workplace and it is crucial for employers to have policies and procedures in place to support employees through the menopause transition better.

Recent case law
Other developments
Relevant guidance

Key takeaways

  • Provide training to managers and all employees educating them about menopause and its symptoms and encourage open conversations in the workplace.
  • Consider what helpful and reasonable adjustments can be implemented to support employees proactively, as well as those requested from menopausal employees.
  • Implement a menopause policy that ensures employees know where to find information about the support that is available to them.
  • Manage menopause-related sickness and performance issues appropriately. 
  • Keep developments on menopause on your radar.

Next steps

If you need any support or advice on the menopause in the workplace, please feel free to get in touch with one of the key contacts on this page.

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