Government confirms normal minimum pension age to be raised to 57 in 2028

In an answer to a written question in Parliament, the government has confirmed that it intends to raise normal minimum pension age to 57 in 2028.

PASA "COVID-19 Guidance: The Road Ahead"

In August PASA published "COVID-19 Guidance: The Road Ahead" covering issues for scheme administrators to consider following the easing of lockdown.  Issues identified by the guidance include:

  • the importance of schemes being visible on the internet so that members can find contact details easily;
  • the importance of all data being held electronically to enable full service while remote working;
  • the need to resume longer term projects which may have been put on hold during lockdown;
  • where scheme administration is dealt with offshore, the need to consider how this may be impacted by a local lockdown;
  • the possibility of "virtual site visits" for trustees while bans on inter-office travel and external meetings remain in place;
  • how to move towards digital verification of member identity;
  • the importance of maintaining up-to-date electronic signatures with all investment managers and AVC providers that trustees deal with;
  • to what extent flexible working patterns will be maintained post-lockdown and how resulting issues (eg team communication) will be managed;
  • what office-based working will look like in future; and
  • the need to plan for possible future lockdowns at short notice.

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