Could you be the next employer facing investigation?

Compliance with minimum wage legislation is not a new concept. However, the issue is now in sharp focus, with HMRC's National Minimum Wage compliance team actively looking at businesses with low paid workers, to ensure their compliance.

Those who fall short of the mark run the risk of a hefty fine and the adverse publicity of being publically "named and shamed", damaging their brand, employment proposition and potentially, their share price. We know that many businesses are alive to these issues, but, given the scale and complexity of the exercise, they do not have the resources or the expertise to conduct their own review to ensure they are compliant.

How we can help

Using the combined firepower of a team of specialist employment lawyers and experienced paralegals, we have recently completed an audit for a leading listed industrials client with over 3000 employees, providing them with a comprehensive and legally privileged report on their NMW compliance record over the past four years. Our work has included:

  • Advice on the classification of a worker for National Minimum Wage calculation purposes;
  • A "deep dive" audit of the payroll and hours records of the portion of the workforce whose earnings are at levels close to the National Living Wage;
  • Advice on the deduction of monies from pay for lateness, misconduct or damage to company property;
  • Recommendations on reducing risk going forwards; and
  • Advice in relation to the "naming and shaming" scheme.

If you think we may be able to assist your business in this area, please contact us.

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