Our commitment: to reduce and where possible, eliminate our environmental impact

AG Environmental Report 2020


Progress so far includes:

Reducing our carbon tonnage per employee by 80%
Becoming ISO 14001 accredited for the firm's environmental
management system
Reducing our paper usage by 49% and disposable cup usage by 97%

We want to go even further by working towards achieving a Carbon Neutral Accreditation by 2024, working with suppliers to reduce their and our carbon footprint and ceasing, wherever possible, the use of plastics.

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Axel Koelsch, Chief Operating Officer


"The driving principle of our environmental programme is resource minimization by design. The climate emergency is a more existential long-term threat and even more complex challenge than COVID-19. 

Resource efficiency and recycling are no longer enough. That is why we focus on fundamentally changing behaviours and processes to achieve carbon neutrality."

Axel Koelsch | Chief Operating Officer

AG Environmental Report 2020

Read our report to find out:

Our progress to date
Our accreditation / memberships
What's next: looking ahead and our environmental approach for 2020/2021

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