The one stop shop solution for managing international data transfers

The GDPR rules relating to international data transfers are evolving at pace requiring UK, EU and global businesses to revisit their compliance matrix and keep track of the latest regulatory, legislative and judicial developments.

The CJEU Schrems II requirements, the related European Data Protection Board guidance and the European Commission's new EU Standard Contractual Clauses (SCCs) call for:

  • New Transfer Impact Assessments (TIAs), 
  • Appropriate supplementary measures, and
  • Repapering of the SCCs 

Mitigating the many complexities and risks is only a small part of the challenge. Guidance from our international network on any third country laws outside the EEA, has shown that many companies and legal teams simply do not have the resource to undertake these assessments. 

So why not let our solution do the hard work for you?

We are able to assist at every step and tailor the solution to your needs.

Main features
  • Simple and easy to use dashboards
  • Streamlined process from TIA to SCCs implementation
  • Guidance on any third country laws outside the EEA
  • Scoring methodology
  • Access to a wider suite of data products
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