Addleshaw Goddard is taking part in The Chancery Lane Project's 'hackathon' The Big Hack this November. The aim of the November hackathon is to draft clauses that build a legal framework to help fight climate change. Activities last across November and December 2020, with a special focus on a two day live event on 5 and 6 November as part of Pro Bono Week.

The Chancery Lane Project brings lawyers from across the world in a range of practice areas to create new contracts and model laws that enable and encourage businesses and communities to have a positive impact on the environment.  

It was founded in 2019 with the aim of embedding climate-conscious drafting into contracts, whether in commercial, corporate, finance, real estate, employment or public sector agreements. It starts from the premise that lawyers advise across every sector of the economy, so the contracts they draft directly influence all economic relationships in society.

So far over 80 AG lawyers have contributed their time on a pro bono basis, currently more than any other firm. 

Amanda Gray, Divisional Managing Partner and AG's lead on sustainability said: "It is impossible to overstate how critical it is that we act on climate change. Fortunately, we are seeing many areas of society recognise this, and increasingly, clients are asking how we can contribute. 

Our lawyers offer specialist expert advice across over 50 areas of business law. The point of The Chancery Lane Project is that it recognises that if we can embed in contracts triggers to change both thinking and behaviours, that will have a material and positive environmental impact. The point of The Big Hack is to draft clauses that will enable companies to make climate-conscious thinking an integral part of all of their business operations. 

We are proud to be a part of The Chancery Lane Project, and to do something practical to help change behaviours across businesses in all sectors and ultimately achieve a positive impact on the environment. "