AG Optimise is our award-winning managed legal services unit and is a key area of Intelligent Delivery. The service sees clients transfer to us entire tranches of legal work, in turn allowing us to provide a complete end-to-end legal service for the specified area.

In effect, we act as a ‘one-stop shop’ for some, or indeed all, legal services that would usually be carried out by an in-house team. Often, this is an entirely new avenue for clients and provides an opportunity to deliver the work in a fresh and efficient manner.

AG Optimise operates in two main ways. The first involves the transfer of an entire portfolio of work by a client to AG – for example all of their employment work. AG then services the work at all levels of value, complexity and risk. In exceptional cases, this may include the transfer of the client's in-house lawyers to AG. The second main approach involves a focus on a specific process or workstream that is relatively transactional and which can be standardised.

AG Optimise enables clients to access the benefits of the entire range of Intelligent Delivery services for the specific sectors of work allocated to us. This provides an unparalleled pool of resources, including our cutting edge technology and access to highly skilled lawyers and paralegals. The benefits to clients is cost certainty, quick response times, the effective management of legal risk and the opportunity to free up the in-house team to focus on the delivery of high-value strategic legal advice.

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Georgina Powling

Georgina Powling

Partner, IP and Commercial Services
United Kingdom

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