25 July 2023
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From Graduates to Innovators: The ILT Graduate Scheme Shaping the Future of Legal Innovation

Addleshaw Goddard's Innovation & Legal Technology (ILT) Graduate Scheme is an innovative initiative aimed at providing graduates with a unique opportunity to develop skills essential for transforming the delivery of legal services. The scheme was launched in 2021, with the first cohort of 13 Legal Technologists starting their journey in November of the same year. In September 2022, the team welcomed another 6 Legal Technologists, expanding the team and diversity of skills. 

The ILT Graduate Scheme (the "scheme") is designed to provide Legal Technologists with a comprehensive understanding of the operations of the ILT team and equip them with the skills and knowledge necessary to become pioneers of legal innovation. As part of the scheme, the Legal Technologists rotate through the team's six pillars for a four-month rotation. Each pillar offers a unique learning opportunity and exposes the graduates to various area of focuses including Client Projects, Legal Technology Consulting, Internal Efficiency and Research & Development. 

The first cohort of Legal Technologists are now in final seat and are expected to finish the scheme in September 2023 to become level three Legal Technologists playing a critical part in AG's commitment to driving innovation in the legal industry. Their roles will be key in shaping the future of the profession, helping to create new solutions that improve efficiency, accuracy, and accessibility for clients. This blog features Anna Martinez and Conlan Wilkinson, who will share valuable insights to those considering a career in legal technology and innovation.


Next steps

For more details, please visit the Addleshaw Goddard's Innovation & Legal Technology Graduate Scheme website.

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