29 February 2024
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Generative AI: Beyond The Theory Webinar Series

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We recently hosted a three-part webinar series focusing on the intricacies of everything GenAI. Throughout the three webinars, we demystified what GenAI entails, explored the varied use cases across practice areas, and shared valuable insights.

Webinar 1: GenAI Essentials

In the first webinar, we started by delving into the basics, shedding light on the true nature of GenAI, and unraveling the mysteries surrounding this state-of-the-art technology. We explored what GenAI entailed and demystified its workings from the ground up.

Webinar 2: Exploring GenAI in Legal: Real-World Applications

In the second webinar, we delved into the realm of GenAI within the legal landscape. Participants joined us for an insightful exploration of the varied use cases across practice areas, featuring first-hand experiences from our legal professionals.

Webinar 3: Simplifying the Complex: Making Sense of GenAI

This final webinar was designed to demystify the intricate elements of GenAI. Participants joined us as we shared valuable insights into prompting, context windows, tokens, vectors, hallucinations, and different models, and how understanding these concepts could optimize their utilisation of cutting-edge tools.

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