4 August 2023
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Complexity and time constraints in adjudications – not a bar to enforcement!

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Following on from our latest Adjudication Case Update on the case of J & B Hopkins Limited v A&V Building Solution Limited, a recent Technology and Construction Court (TCC) judgment serves as an important reminder that parties attempting to resist enforcement of adjudicator's decisions citing breaches of natural justice will need a particularly strong case to succeed. Here we summarise the practical takeaways from the case of Home Group Limited v MPS Housing Limited [2023] EWHC 1946. 

Why did the parties end up in court?
Can there ever be too much material in an adjudication?
Complexity, volume of material and time constraints – difficult arguments to run

Next steps

Our Construction & Engineering team deal with adjudications on a daily basis and would be delighted to discuss any of the issues raised in this article with you. 

To the Point 

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