30 November 2023
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Agency workers covering for strike action: A "scabs' charter", or an enabling measure to help economic growth?

To The Point

The Government is currently consulting on whether employers should be allowed to bring in agency workers to cover for striking staff.  When this practice was temporarily brought in from July 2022, it led to controversy and legal challenges.  The current consultation aims to gather opinions from various stakeholders, including employment businesses, unions, and workers, but the effectiveness and potential negative consequences of using agency workers during strikes remain uncertain.  We take a look at what all this means and what employers should be considering.

The issue of whether employers can – or should – bring in agency temps to cover for their striking workers is again in the spotlight due to a new Government consultation (closing on 16 January 2024). Those watching closely will know this is the latest chapter in an on/off saga.

How we got here
What does it mean for employers?
What can employers do now?

Next steps

The consultation closes on 16 January 2024 and if you would like to contribute to it or discuss any of the issues raised, please do get in touch with our Employment team.

To the Point 

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