Welcome to the August 2017 edition of the Retail and Consumer newsletter!

There have been a number of significant developments in employment law recently, including, and perhaps most notably, UNISON's success in persuading the Supreme Court to declare the Government's Employment Tribunal fees regime unlawful, almost certainly leading to a significant increase in Tribunal claims in future.

July also saw the publication of the Taylor Review into Modern Working Practices. There has been much response to these recommendations across the UK, and this month Helen Almond discusses the impact the proposed changes could have on the Retail and Consumer sector.

We also have a piece from Real Estate Managing Associate, Nadia Milligan, which compares food and beverage outlet management contracts and hotel management contracts to examine the benefits and disadvantages of both.

Finally, Richard Wise from our Insurance team considers what we can learn from the recent Ted Baker case on when policyholders can expect their insurer to comment on policy terms.

We hope you enjoy reading this month's edition.

This month's articles

What the Taylor Review means for the retail and consumer sector

On the 11 July the Taylor review was published which made recommendations on the reform of working practices and worker status. This article discusses the proposed changes and how they may affect those operating within the retail and consumer sector. Please find a link to our article here.

Food and beverage ('F&B') outlet management contracts and the synergies with hotel management contracts

The hotel management contract is a popular form of hotel operation that grew to popularity during the 1970s. This article looks at the similarities between this established form of contract, and food & beverage management contracts, which are fairly new, as well as any issues that those operating in these areas need to be aware of. You can read this comparison here.

Lessons learned from Ted Baker vs AXA Insurance

In the recent case Ted Baker Plc and another v AXA Insurance UK Plc and others, it was held that Ted Baker's failure to provide profit & loss and management accounts to its insurers was a breach of a condition precedent concerning the provision of information, and Ted Baker's claim failed. Ted Baker appealed this decision and, when considering the claim, the Court of Appeal commented on the extent of insurers' 'duty to speak.' This article considers what we can learn from this case, to find out more click here.


Making Africa Work - London – 8 September

MAKING AFRICA WORK is a first-hand account of how to deal with big inter-related challenges faced by Africa over the next generation. The continent will double its population to two billion by 2045. By then more than half of Africans will be living in its cities. Properly harnessed and planned for, this could be a tremendously positive force for change. Speakers Former President of Nigeria and Director of the Brenthurst Foundation.

RSVP – Jennie Ellis

Strictly Private and Confidential – London – 5 October

We are hosting a half-day conference, focussing on protecting confidential and commercially sensitive information.

RSVP – Corrine Wilkins

Annual Employment Seminar - London – 5 October

This is Employment's flagship training event for both in-house employment lawyers and senior HR professionals.

RSVP – Renee Lofthouse

The Changing Role of Scottish GC in association with Legal Business and The In-House Lawyer, Edinburgh – 27 September

We are hosting an event in Scotland in conjunction with Legal Business aimed at General Counsel and senior legal figures in Scotland. The event will take place at the Signet Library in Edinburgh on Wednesday 27 September 2017.

RSVP – Leigh Peddie

Compliance Seminar, London - 12 September

This will be a very practical session, bringing you up to date with changes to the law, but also providing practical advice as to how to maximise compliance within your organisation. The speaking panel will comprise experts in their respective fields at Addleshaw Goddard and will be chaired by Nichola Peters, our Head of Corporate and Financial Crime, and Will Chalk, our Head of Corporate Governance.

RSVP – Sadie Dowman

GC Update – 4 Leeds, 12 Manchester and 19 London – October

RSVP – Wendy Garwell

IP Breakfast Seminar – 19 September Manchester, 26 September London & 28 September Leeds

In today's "Big Data" environment, retailers and brands gather, manage and use data for the benefit of their business. With the right approach, that data can be a significant asset. However, if not managed properly, it can lead to missed opportunities and exposure to infringement allegations, leading potentially to reduced revenue and damages payments. AG experts will give an overview of common issues encountered and how best to get it right. Social media channels and online marketplaces have equalled, if not, overtaken the more traditional outlets in providing a quick and direct line to customers, with systems like AdWords and AdSense ensuring that consumers see your adverts first. But with the rewards also come risks. AG experts will also look at the latest cases on use of trade marks to provide an understanding of what is allowed and what could be actionable.

RSVP – Janet Edwards

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