Join us for an In Conversation with Gavin Wilson, Media Manager for the York City Knights Rugby League Club.

In June 2001, when Gavin was 14 years old, he suffered a C4 Level Spinal Injury after coming off his mountain bike at speed, breaking his neck in four places and paralysing him from the chest down. Prior to his accident Gavin was a keen Rugby League player and was destined to make waves on the pitch- sport was his life and that's where he saw his future. After Gavin's accident, he had to realign his goals and find a way to still be involved in the sport he loved albeit it in a different capacity than previously. Thanks to the incredible support Gavin received from those around him, he refocused and decided on a goal to study Sports Journalism at Leeds Trinity University. Writing allowed Gavin to stay close to the sport and he soon became a reporter for 'Love Rugby League' as well as becoming a regular contributor on local radio sports shows, both commercial and BBC, before landing his dream job with his hometown Rugby Club in 2016.

Gavin's story is one of perseverance, driving hard and keeping your goal in mind, adapting to change, being flexible and finding ways to make things work for you and always having a focus on being the best you can be, despite what setbacks might come your way.

Event details

30 November 2021

11:00 AM - 11:45 AM GMT