Social Care Sustainability Alliance 

Helping social care providers across the uk deliver on their esg objectives

Founded by Addleshaw Goddard, Barclays, BKR Care Consultancy and CareTech, the Social Care Sustainability Alliance aims to help Social Care providers across the UK make meaningful and impactful changes in delivering their Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Objectives. The SCSA has created an invitation-only alliance site for members to join, collaborate and work towards those ESG goals. We welcome and encourage organisations in the Social Care sector to get involved in our initiative and help in the continued improvement of Social Care. We host regular information and perspective sharing sessions for professionals working in Social Care.

The Pivotal Role of this Alliance

Whether private or public, the Social Care Sector is all about providing the personal care, support and assistance to those who may need it to live comfortable, healthy and fulfilling lives. It therefore plays an unparalleled role in helping society function. 

From a UN Sustainable Development Goal perspective, all individuals, businesses, and public organisations which operate in the Social Care Sector are already playing a pivotal role in helping society progress towards many of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. And yet to meet society's needs, the Social Care Sector must continue to evolve. 

Sustainability (environmental, economic, and social) is just as relevant to all those who operate in the Social Care Sector as it is to every other business, individual and/or public body. And the pace at which the Social Care Sector needs to continue to evolve to meet those wider sustainability challenges, is (we feel) going to accelerate quickly during the rest of this decade. 

How the Social Care Sector responds to these challenges is going to be key to all stakeholders: funders, investors, shareholders, partnering bodies, employees and ultimately residents, patients and, most importantly, residents, patients, and service users. The Social Care Sustainability Alliance was founded to facilitate change.

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SCSA Goals

The Group has been established by the Founding Members to facilitate an open, constructive, collaborative dialogue in relation to sustainability within the Social Care Sector in the UK. 

We feel that there is a sector-wide need for us all to collaborate on all aspects of sustainability, to ensure that the Social Care Sector can continue to attract the necessary levels of funding and investment, and the quality of employees, which are essential if it is to continue to fulfil the role it currently plays in society. 

Our aims are simple: we wanted to create a Membership forum which is positive, collaborative, supportive and solutions-focussed. A group where Members can come together to share their respective:

  • knowledge;
  • challenges;
  • experiences;
  • ideas;
  • potential solutions; and
  • successes;

in relation to sustainability, in its widest sense, within the Social Care Sector.

If you are active in the Social Care Sector, please get involved. The first step is to get in touch.


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