1 December 2023
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Trustee Quarterly Update - December 2023

To The Point
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In this Update we take a look at key legal developments for trustees of occupational pension schemes over the past quarter.  These include an important Court of Appeal decision on the extent of the Pensions Ombudsman's powers in overpayments cases.  We also look at some important Pensions Ombudsman determinations, including a case where a member challenged a trustee's decision to pay a scheme surplus to the sponsoring employer when a section of a scheme wound up, and a case in which a scheme administrator was ordered to compensate a member after it failed to spot the warning signs that a fraudster was impersonating the member. The Chancellor's Autumn Statement on 22 November included proposals for radical changes to the UK pensions regime.  We take a look at the key proposals and their implications.

Pensions Ombudsman
Autumn Statement announcements
The Pensions Regulator

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