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Folder - Papers

22 December 2022

The Procurement Bill: What's missing?

As a follow-on to our update on the latest changes to the Procurement Bill, it's interesting to look back as far as the Green Paper and summarise which mooted changes didn't make it in to the Bill as presented to Parliament.


22 December 2022

Ireland Pensions Update 2022

In the latest edition of our Ireland Pensions update, we examine some of the significant pension developments that took place in Ireland in 2022. Find out more >

Folder - Papers

22 December 2022

CCA Reform

HMT has finally published a consultation paper on reforming the CCA, as part of its Edinburgh Reforms. This paper focuses on what we think is important. Read more >

Folder - Papers

21 December 2022

The Reamended Procurement Bill

As mentioned in our analysis of the amended Procurement Bill (see here), the Report stage provided another opportunity to vote on amendments. Read more >

Computer - Data

15 December 2022

Google must take down search results with "manifestly inaccurate" personal data

If you are the subject of false or inaccurate reporting online, one of the most damaging and distressing consequences can be the effect this has on search engine results. Read more >