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Corporate News

14 April 2016

Corporate News - April 2016

Included in this issue: Market Abuse Regulation; Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Act 2015 – PSC Regime; UK Corporate Governance Code and more... Market Abuse Regulation FCA publishes Policy Statement on the implementation of the Market A...

13 April 2016

Competitive Edge - Financial Services - April 2016

In this issue, we focus on the CMA's supplemental banking remedies and look at the increasing use of competition powers in this sector, as well as other recent trends.

12 April 2016

International Arbitration - Quarterly Review - April 2016

In this edition of AG's International Arbitration Quarterly Review we explore the interesting issue of two barristers from the same chambers representing opposing parties.

7 April 2016

CQC Update - Issue 95

This issue looks at the EU Market Abuse Regulation.

Man reading statistics

6 April 2016

Can analytics help you get legal spend under control?

Guest author James Courtis-Pond, CEO of AnyData Solutions, considers whether analytics help you get legal spend under control.