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15 February 2016

Food donation - what are the legal issues?

Supermarkets and other businesses that supply food to consumers are under increasing pressure to minimise the amount of food that they waste. We look at the legal challenges such as legal liability around waste food donation.

14 February 2016

FCA and PRA publish joint consultation paper on how firms should handle whistleblowing

The FCA and PRA have published a joint consultation on how certain organisations within the financial services sector should manage internal whistleblowing disclosures. Read more...

12 February 2016

Gender pay gap reporting: further details of new regime published

The Government has published its response to the consultation on the principles which will underpin the new gender pay gap reporting regime. Read more in this briefing.

AG Real Estate team in the news

Our Real Estate team often provides deal updates, insights and opinions in various industry, local and national publications. See what the team is talking about here.

29 January 2016

Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Act, PSC Register briefing

Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Act (SBEEA) Alert: Registers of People with Significant Control