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20 April 2016

Employment Up to Date April 2016

This issue includes Employment Tribunal rules that voluntary overtime payments must be included in holiday pay; Whistle-blowing complaints: substance not form?; Religious discrimination; Bonus discretion post-Braganzay and more... Holiday pay: Emp...

19 April 2016

Consultations, calls for evidence and surveys affecting employment law

A regular feature of our Up to date briefing is to keep you appraised of open consultations, calls for evidence and surveys affecting the employment law arena. If you would like us to respond on your behalf, please let us know. We set out below de...

19 April 2016

Gender Pay Gap Reporting – where are we and how can AG help you prepare?

In Summer 2015, the Government Equalities Office (GEO) published a "principles-based" consultation seeking views on the key points which would underpin the new gender pay gap reporting regime. Here we round up where the Government has got to with ...

19 April 2016

National Living Wage: employers warned by the Chancellor not to adjust pay and benefits to offset cost of National Living Wage

Within weeks of the introduction of the National Living Wage on 1 April 2016, there have been reports that some employers - primarily those operating in the retail sector - have reduced hours, pay rates and other benefits to offset the cost of rai...

19 April 2016

Employment contracts: staff handbook provisions concerning absence management were incorporated into the employment contract

The Court of Appeal has found that there was nothing to prevent the absence management triggers set out in an employee handbook from being incorporated into employees' contracts of employment, where the relevant provision was apt for incorporation...