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1 May 2019

McEleny v MoD

Belief in Scottish independence can be considered a philosophical belief

1 May 2019

Grange v Abellio

Compensation for failure to provide rest breaks can include an award for personal injury

1 May 2019

Argus Media Limited v Mr Mounir Halim

When is an employee in breach of the duties of fidelity, trust and confidence?

1 May 2019

Employment Up to Date - April 2019

Welcome to the April edition of Up to Date. Read on for a roundup of the latest news and developments in relation to employment and immigration. Court of Appeal provides guidance on handling disciplinary proceedings where there is an ongoing crimi...

1 May 2019

What is your North Star?

I've been thinking for a while about what my next blog post should be. Once you start a blog, you feel a pressure to keep writing, to keep being interesting (if you ever were). And whilst those who know me well would be shocked, recently I couldn’...

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