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Abstract - Whistleblowing - Webinar

14 September 2021

On-Demand Webinar: Whistleblowing Investigations: Practical Strategy

This webinar in collaboration with UK Finance and culture and diversity consultancy Equitura LLP focuses on legal issues and practical strategy in whistleblowing investigations from Regulatory, Employment, Criminal and Competition law perspectives...

Abstract - Disability Status - Employment

13 September 2021

The Importance of timing when determining disability status

In the lead up to Disability Awareness Day on 12 September 2021, this week's spotlight is on the case of All Answers Ltd v W [2021] where the Court of Appeal reaffirmed the importance of timing when determining disability status. Read more here >

City - Real Estate - Qatar

13 September 2021

The Qatar Financial Centre Issues New Real Estate Ownership Regulations

New regulations provide much-welcomed clarity on how investors (both Qatari and foreign) may use the QFC as a conduit for real estate transactions in Qatar. Read more here >

Abstract - Energy - Capacity Market

13 September 2021

What's the future for the Capacity Market?

Ahead of the next full review of the CM, which is taking place in 2024 (the Ten-Year Review), Government is consulting on the CM's design and its long-term future (the Consultation). Read more here >

Energy - Abstract - Pipes

13 September 2021

Consultation opens on crucial Energy Planning Policy

New policies, business model consultations and strategies are being issued by the UK government at great speed as it doubles down on its commitment to deliver a net zero carbon economy by 2050. Find out more >

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