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1 August 2019

Quick updates for those dealing with disputes - August 2019

Costs award against insurers under s 51 SCA 1981

1 August 2019

Parent company liability for acts of subsidiaries – where has the dust settled?

It has been a few months since the Supreme Court handed down its much-anticipated judgment in Lungowe v Vedanta on the potential scope of parent company liability for the tortious acts or omissions of foreign subsidiaries.

1 August 2019

High Court holds that litigation friends are always potentially liable for costs

Withdrawing Part 36 offers - Part 36 - no payment on account of costs - Success fees in publication cases - Parties must review statements of case - Issuing proceedings to pursue order for costs not abusive - ESignatures: Law Society and CLLS resp...

1 August 2019

Quantum Meruit - not a panacea

Costs award against insurers under s 51 SCA 1981

30 July 2019

Restrictive covenants: Supreme Court applies the "blue pencil" test to rescue an employer's non-compete covenant

Holiday pay: Cost of holiday pay claims could rise after a ruling that a "series of deductions" is not ended by a gap of more than three months

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