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4 August 2015

Energy policy

On 18th November, DECC Secretary of State Amber Rudd gave a keynote speech at the Institution of Civil Engineers in London, and then summarised it in a Written Statement to Parliament. It is billed as "a new direction for UK energy policy". So whi...

Real Estate publications

27 July 2015

Applications for Payment and Default Payment Notices: Contractors Beware

We recently posted a case law update concerning the case of ISG Construction Ltd v Seevic College [2014] which confirmed that paying parties who fail to serve valid payment notices and/or pay less notices may find themselves liable to pay the full...

15 July 2015

Taking control of the Levy Control Framework - July 2015

The Levy Control Framework escaped a mention in the recent Summer Budget but has made up for it yesterday (22 July 2015). Amber Rudd, Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, announced a package of reforms to rein in spending on renewable...

14 July 2015

Energy Bill 2015 aims to complete Wood Review - July 2015

The much anticipated Energy Bill has now been published by our new Conservative Government and received its first reading in the House of Lords on 9 July 2015 and its second reading on 22 July.

Energy and Utilities publication

14 July 2015

DECC sets out details of the onshore wind grace period

Following Amber Rudd's statement to Parliament on 18 June 2015 announcing the end of new subsidies for onshore wind by closing the Renewable Obligation a year early, the Department of Energy and Climate Change have now given further details.