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23 October 2019

Court of Appeal considers the principles of passing off in cybersquatting cases

This Court of Appeal decision relates to a dispute between advertising agencies concerning passing off and cybersquatting.

23 October 2019

The Kennel Club Ltd v Micro-ID Ltd – database rights

The Kennel Club Limited (the Claimant) operates the Petlog database, which holds data supplied by various companies (including the Defendant Micro-ID Ltd) of animals that have been microchipped.

23 October 2019

High Court provides guidance on data in horseracing case

Sports Information Services Limited (SIS), who had an exclusive contractual right to collect, analyse and sell information to off-site bookmakers for the calculation of various betting prices

23 October 2019

Dispute over copyright in Eminem's Infinite album

This ruling by the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court (IPEC) relates to a claim for primary and secondary copyright infringement of a music album

23 October 2019

BEAUTY BAY trade mark not infringed by BEAUTY & THE BAY

Beauty Bay is an online retailer of cosmetics and beauty products. Beauty Bay owns UK and EU trade marks for the word mark BEAUTY BAY, registered for cosmetics and retail services connected with the sale of cosmetics.

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