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9 June 2016

Taking stock of rolling stock

In the second edition of Rolling Stock Perspective, sets out the Government's thoughts on the improvements it wants to see in rolling stock to deliver better journeys for all passengers.

9 June 2016

Manufacturing a better future?

Our industrials team looks into the impact a potential Brexit would have on the sector. Discover whether the industrials sector is particularly vulnerable.

9 June 2016

Brexit: The last leg

Our retail and consumer team explore the market anxiety preceding the vote whether the UK should remain in or leave the European Union. Find out how corporates manage the market volatility and uncertainty ahead of the vote.

8 June 2016

Storm clouds gather

Australian customers of Amazon's cloud based platform, Amazon Web Services, recently experienced major outages and disruption to their services due to storms that affected Amazon's Sydney data centres.

7 June 2016

Africa Newsletter - June 2016

Included in this issue: Power Up: Delivering Renewable Energy in Africa (The Economist Report); Economic update shows SA as top renewable power producer on continent; Win a $7 million prize to fund African renewable energy projects and more...