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24 October 2016

Corporate Finance Newsflash - 24 October 2016

FCA to decide on banning rights of first refusal and to act in engagement letters and on mis-representation of league tables in pitches. Find out more...

24 October 2016

Corporate Crime & Investigations Update - 21 October 2016

Included in this issue: Suspended death sentence for Chinese official who stockpiled almost $30 million of illegitimate funds in case; Money laundering reports in Ireland have increased by 40% in two years and more...

24 October 2016

Northern Freight and Logistics Report

TfN have now published a Northern Freight and Logistics Report which seeks to "Maximise the efficiency of the movement of goods to, from and within the North of England to contribute to the transformation of the economy of the Northern Powerhouse."

21 October 2016

Quickfire Privilege Q&A

This article summarises the main types of privilige; the differences between the status of private practitioners and in-house counsel, in terms of privilege; the recent landmark decisions involving privilege; the main limitations on privilege and ...

21 October 2016

ISPs must block access to websites containing trademark infringement

In Carter v BskyB & others the High Court in 2014 made its first ever website blocking orders on the basis of trade mark infringement against 5 internet service providers (ISPs). Read more...