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2 November 2016

Decentralised energy schemes – what's all the fuss about?

This article summarises the planning conditions and the use of decentralised energy schemes. Find out how to address some of the key issues and challenges.

2 November 2016

Adjudication enforcement

In this article we explore the court's position on adjudication enforcement.

2 November 2016

NEC3 - The risk register and contractual risks

When tendering under the NEC3 ECC, Employers may include a preliminary risk register in their ITT documentation. This can help prospective contractors assess the risks underlying the project, and submit more accurate bids.

2 November 2016

Good faith

Two recent cases demonstrate how the courts have sought to reign in the development of the general application of good faith in English contract law. Read more...

2 November 2016

Corporate News - October 2016

Included in this issue: M&A today; CLLS and Law Society updated Q&A on MAR published; FRC guidance to listed companies on 2016 annual reports and more...