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Column - Search Orders - Commercial Litigation

29 July 2021

Search Orders: seek and ye shall find, unless ye seek too much

In this latest High Court decision of Bedzhamov & Ors the High Court refused permission for the claimant to review certain documents exclusively belonging to third parties recovered via the search order. Read more here >

Column - Commercial Tenants - Defence of Frustration

29 July 2021

Covid-19 lockdowns - can commercial tenants rely on the defence of frustration for rents otherwise payable?

The High Court has found in favour of commercial landlords, in a claim in respect of their tenants' failure to pay rent during the COVID-19 lockdowns. Read more here >

Column - Commercial Disputes - Warranty Claims Notification

29 July 2021

A Technical Foul – Warranty Claims Notification

Warranty claims notification clauses are a standard feature of share purchase agreements. They can be a minefield for both commercial lawyers and litigators alike. Read more here >

City - Finance - Plan

29 July 2021

The FCA's 2021-22 Business Plan: What does it tell us about its approach to enforcement?

The FCA's 2021-22 Business Plan was published on 15 July 2021. AG believe this year's edition contains some important messaging for firms and the wider market about the FCA's current approach to enforcement and litigation. Find out more >

Column - Court - Litigation

29 July 2021

The Brief Case - Summer 2021

Get up to date with the Summer 2021 edition of The Brief Case, our litigation newsletter here >

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