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Abstract - Digital - Litigation

15 April 2021


The proliferation across social media of speculative, bullish sentiment among a bloc of retail investors to the extent seen recently with GameStop was unprecedented. Read more here >

Column - Agreements - Financial Disputes

14 April 2021

Enforcing settlement agreements - debt, claim or somewhere inbetween?

Court of Appeal holds that settlement agreements may be unenforceable under the Consumer Credit Act 1974.Read more here >


14 April 2021

The Brief Case - Spring 2021

Get up to date with the Spring 2021 edition of The Brief Case, our litigation newsletter

Computer - Mouse - Remote Working

13 April 2021

How to address a request from an employee to work remotely abroad

The COVID-19 pandemic has seen an increase in remote work and has even become mandatory in many countries for positions that enable remote work. But how do you address a request from an employee to work remotely abroad? Read more here >


13 April 2021

A pragmatic approach to confidentiality claims in the course of litigation

A number of recent cases have considered the desirability and scope of "solicitors only" confidentiality rings. Confidentiality is not, by itself, a reason for documents to be withheld from disclosure...

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