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18 January 2021

UK's journey to EU Adequacy Post Brexit - Data Protection Interregnum under the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA)

We look first at the nature and implications of the interim data protection regime established by the TCA before considering the merits and challenges for the UK's data protection laws to be granted EU Adequacy.

15 January 2021

Data & Privacy News - 14 January 2021

Included in this edition of data & privacy news: ICO publishes response to Government's announcement on extension for personal data flows; TikTok faces lawsuit and more...

15 January 2021

Top 5 Ways Tech Can Help With Contract Management And Remediation Projects

Good data management is crucial in running an efficient legal team. Having all of your contracts in one place with key information easily accessible can speed up both the creation of new contracts and the renegotiation or analysis of old ones.

13 January 2021

German Employment Law Aspects of COVID-19 Vaccinations

Germany has begun vaccinating its population against COVID-19. Currently, vaccinations against COVID-19 are voluntary. However, various questions arise in the employment context. This guide outlines the respective rights and obligations of the par...

13 January 2021

A dose of reality? Requiring employees to be vaccinated

We take the view that as the law stands it is not possible for an employer to require employees to take a Covid-19 vaccine, and even though it may be desirable this can best be achieved by employers taking a consensual and voluntary approach.

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