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3 October 2022

UK Takeovers: Overseas Bidder Guide

Public takeovers are among the most exciting transformational commercial transactions. Whist the UK takeover regime is distinctive and nuanced, challenges can be navigated with some forward planning. To help shape your thinking, we set out some of...

Computer - Data

30 September 2022

The new schrems II dilemma: Regulatory enforcement against Google analytics in the EU

Regulatory enforcement against Google analytics in the EU. Read more >

Folder - Papers

29 September 2022

Growth Plan 2022: Key Employment Aspects

The new Chancellor, Kwasi Kwarteng, announced a number of employment measures in the mini budget last week. Read more >


29 September 2022

Sunset on Retained EU Law: Where does it leave UK employment law?

The Government is looking to remove or replace retained EU law and last week it introduced the Retained EU Law (Revocation and Reform) Bill 2022 to Parliament. Read more >

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28 September 2022

The post pandemic employment landscape in Ireland

The UK Government, led by Liz Truss, has signalled its intention to review up to 1500 EU laws, including legislation embedded for many years regulating working time and other worker protections. Read more >