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2 August 2019

Public Procurement Update - 30 July

AEW and others v Basingstoke: confirming the limits on availability of the Ineffectiveness Remedy

EU flag

13 March 2019

Brexit – accessing public contracts following a "deal" or a "no-deal" departure from the EU

The Cabinet Office has published guidance on how the UK's public procurement regime will be affected by Brexit. This article explores the different scenarios following a "deal" or a "no-deal" departure from the EU.

25 February 2019

Competitive Edge: FCA issues first fine using its competition powers

In this issue of Competitive Edge, we look at FCA's first formal decision under its competition enforcement powers. Explore the unusual features of the case where three asset management firms breached competition law in sharing strategic information.

8 January 2019

Public Procurement Update - 8 January

In the frame: how to procure a valid framework

21 December 2018

Competitive Edge - The Loyalty Penalty: CMA response to super-complaint

The CMA has published its response to a supercomplaint made by Citizens Advice in September 2018 in relation to what it has termed the "loyalty penalty"