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Abstract - Competition - UK Subsidy Control Bill

13 July 2021

Government Publishes UK Subsidy Control Bill

The UK's departure from the EU brought an end to the application of EU State Aid rules in the UK. Read more here >

Abstract - Competition - EU State Aid

30 June 2021

Government to publish new domestic subsidy control legislation

The Government has issued a press release in advance of the Subsidy Control Bill to be presented to Parliament later today (with the law expected to come into force in 2022). Read more here >

Abstract - Competition - Procurement

11 June 2021

PPN 05/21 – National Procurement Policy Statement – 5 Key Takeaways

On 3 June 2021 the Cabinet Office released PPN 05/21. This is the first glimpse of the anticipated National Procurement Policy Statement (NPPS). Read our key takeaways here >

Buildings - City - Oman Competition Law

10 May 2021

Oman: Executive Regulations for Competition Law Issued

Fair and healthy competition is a fundamental cornerstone of any market. The Omani market is no different. Read more here >

30 March 2021

Real Estate Risk Radar

What are the current and emerging legal-related risks that real estate businesses may face? What are the risks on the horizon facing businesses tomorrow? Find out with our Real Estate Risk Radar.

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