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Restructuring - Loan Defaults - Finance

29 July 2022

Loan defaults: untimely remedies and potential hangovers in credit agreements

This article examines some of the current issues arising in leverage finance agreements on defaults and the expansion of express remedy terms that can impact on debt transfers. Read more >

Restructuring - Court - HMRC

28 July 2022

The 'Mid-Market' Restructuring Plan v. HMRC

Houst Limited's (the Company) restructuring plan (under Part 26A of the Companies Act 2006) (RP) was recently sanctioned at the High Court on 22 July 2022. Read more >

Restructuring - Abstract - R3 Recovery

27 June 2022

Regulated-entity compromises

In the R3 Recovery magazine Emma Sadler and Steven Francis consider the difficulties that face management teams of regulated entities when dealing with creditor compromises within the financial services sector. Read more >

Disguising preferences within layered corporate group arrangements

22 June 2022

Disguising preferences within layered corporate group arrangements

We consider the implications for office-holder claimants of the recent case of Kelmanson v Gallagher & De Weyer [2022] EWHC 395 (Ch). The case raises interesting points of practice for insolvency practitioners. Find out more >

Restructuring - Silver - Lion

28 March 2022

Emerging Stronger: Restructuring

Restructuring can be a positive process. Read our series of guides on emerging stronger – restructuring here >

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