The chosen businesses were selected from a very high calibre of applicants, all of which had a developed product and significant funding in place.

The successful businesses:

VV Social logoVV Social

VV Social is an online social media platform that combines individuals with a high-fidelity Virtual Version, which can be used in VR, AR, Web2, Web3 and metaverse applications. Visit the website >

Kabuni logoKabuni

On a mission to unlock the design potential in every child, and elevate life, we are dedicated to providing the safest space in the Metaverse for children aged 8-16 to LEARN, GROW, and EXPLORE - within a classroom environment and at home. Visit the website >

tubr logoTUBR

TUBR is building machine learning without limitations so companies can take data to action fast. Our time-based predictions are made possible with fewer data points than traditional ML. Visit the website >


SoundSurf is a video platform for creators converting fans into financial supporters. With per-per-view options, merchandise sales, ticketing, tips, donations, and exciting video competitions; there are plenty of exciting ways to endorse the content you love! Visit the website >


IGS designs and builds industrial-scale controlled indoor environment cultivation solutions for horticulture at almost any location globally. Our solution dramatically reduces water use and waste, shortens supply chains and provides all-year quality crop production. Visit the website >

Swurf logoSWURF

SWURF connects the growing community of remote workers with welcoming Host venues to work in, away from the home or the office. Visit the website >

cineark logoCineArk

CineArk is a technology rental house, supplying specialist film equipment to film and TV production companies and other support services to film crew and the film and TV industry. Visit the website >


Settld simplifies end of life admin for bereaved individuals and professionals. Their/our SaaS solution automates death notifications to over 900 organisations in one form, requests account closure or transfer in one go, and centralises important information with real time status tracking in one secure place. Visit the website >

fuuse logoFuuse

Fuuse is the flagship product of Miralis Data, a Cleantech and data science company on a mission to reduce emissions in transport.  Launched in 2021, Fuuse is the operating system for EV chargers, powering hardware to cater for the evolving needs of organisations and their EV drivers. Visit the website >

Your Spin logoYour Spin

Your Spin is a technology company which enables hospitality venues to run loyalty programs to reward their customers. What makes use unique is that we use gamification to entertain, and data to create actionable insights for the venue and its supply partners. Visit the website >

klik2learn logoKlik2learn

In the field of Digital Innovation (learning) Klik2learn is a multi award- winning provider of English language learning content delivered through the company's proprietary LMS - The Digital Learning Hub. Visit the website >



Techspert aims to drive better decision-making by connecting the right people and insights together. Our platform combines deep search technology with a convenient customer interface to match our customers with precisely the experts. Visit the website >

deliveryapp logo

DeliveryApp is an ethical and environmentally sustainable logistics platform that combines technology with people to enable businesses and individuals to book a delivery. By connecting a network of self-employed couriers directly to customers, DeliveryApp provides an agile and flexible same day delivery solution that leverages state of the art technology to overcome long-standing limitations within the industry. Visit the website >