2023 AG Elevate Cohort

Fifteen high growth technology businesses in the programme

The chosen businesses were selected from a very high calibre of applicants, all of which had a developed product and significant funding in place.

The successful businesses:


Boodil is an Open Banking payments solution supporting eCommerce, SMB and Enterprise businesses. Consumers experience a seamless payment journey whilst being rewarded every time they spend, accumulating points which can be redeemed within the Boodil mobile app for prize draw entries and discounts. Merchants enjoy cheaper, safer and instant payments via their online store or via our fully hosted and customisable payment portal. Visit the website >

Cap Energy 

Cap Energy is an energy monitoring SaaS company showing previously unseen data on energy consumption. Using proprietary technology, companies can instantly visualise their energy use on a granular level and take direct actions to reduce it. Cap Energy has saved companies over 10% of energy cost and carbon emissions within weeks of implementation. Visit the website >


Cardemy is developing an AI-based language e-learning platform for B2B customers. Our learning platform enables our client companies to provide the most individualized language learning experiences to each of their employee, based on their unique job and level, leveraging millions of authentic videos. Visit the website >


EpiCapture develops novel epigenetic tests that detect and monitor a range of cancers. Our first test detects aggressive prostate cancer - for use in monitoring disease progression. Research has commenced on a test for ovarian cancer. Visit the website >


FreightCore is the leanest freight forwarder on the planet, using AI to move the largest amount of cargo using the smallest number of people. Our approach is to build the logistics company with unlimited scale. Visit the website >



Founded in 2018, Legado is a data-as-a-service platform. We're focused on digitally transforming the way firms connect and interact with clients; with a market-leading ISO27001 compliant digital vault, powerful communication features and insights to drive hyper-personalised experiences. The company is strategically backed by the FNZ Group and M&G Plc. Visit the website >

Myma Medical

myma medical limited is developing an autoICSI system for automating the Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) process commonly used in IVF treatment. The autoICSI system automates gamete manipulation, and injection processes and includes three primary functions: egg detection & orientation, sperm selection and tracking and sperm injection. Visit the website >


NEPIOS pharma is a French biotechnology start-up specialising in the development of drugs to meet unmet medical needs. Composed of experienced co-founders, NEPIOS Pharma has already developed a drug candidate ready to enter the clinical phase. NEPIOS Pharma is incubated in the Eurasanté bio-incubator and has been awarded the Deeptech label by the French Public Investment Bank (BPI). 

RePro Stream 

RePro Stream is a high-end live video streaming tool for the film, TV, and broadcast industries. It provides unmatched quality, ease of use, and security for real-time, global collaboration and is expanding its scope to accommodate the growing needs of worldwide corporate conferencing and interactive content sharing. Founded by seasoned professionals with over 50 years of combined experience in the film industry, RePro Stream is revolutionising remote collaboration with its innovative solutions and efficient, secure, and cost-effective services. Visit the website >


SymPhysis Medical

SymPhysis Medical's vision is to enhance the patient pathway in palliative care to provide unrivalled patient independence and reduce hospitalisations. The team is developing a novel drainage technology that allows patients with life-limiting cancers who suffer from a build-up of fluid in the chest to care for themselves at home. Visit the website >


Focusing on privacy enhancement for businesses and end-users alike. Syntonym is a Generative AI startup specializing in hyper realistic synthetic face generation. Instead of relying on wide-scale blurring, Syntonym excludes sensitive biometric data while preserving valuable metrics to enable model training and unlock video analytics potential with real-time, lossless anonymization. With use cases ranging from autonomous driving to visual anonymity in digital health services, Syntonym’s technology is lightweight enough to be deployed on mobile and desktop devices, allowing for real-time processing. Visit the website >


Vectofy creates interactive 3D visualizations of Excel workbooks to enable users to save time and reduce errors when working with spreadsheets. Users can see the data flow of the entire workbook, trace through specific lines of logic or rapidly conduct error checks and display the results visually. We are currently engaging with experts in industry to build further advanced features and gain user feedback as we finalise our product. Visit the website >


Viable is an Intelligent Finance application for direct-to-consumer brands, improving growth and profit outcomes for SMBs through finance technology & AI. Visit the website >


YASO is a next-generation solution for ambitious brands looking to sell directly to Gen Z consumers in the world’s largest ecommerce market, China. Our full stack solution provides market entry and brand acceleration options for emerging category-leaders who otherwise would find the complexity of China prohibitively challenging. Founded by the team behind 120+ successful China brand launches, YASO’s unique model sees us invest alongside our partners by matching marketing spend to maximise growth. Visit the website >


Zelim is revolutionising maritime safety by providing new smarter ways to find, recover and protect people in distress at sea, both to save lives and to open up new ways of working offshore. Zelim is bringing to market the world’s first remotely operated rescue vessel with advanced AI enabled casualty detection as well as the fastest man overboard recovery device available. Visit the website >