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Energy - IPE - Infrastructure Regulations

20 一月 2022

Review of The Access To Infrastructure Regulations

The Communications (Access to Infrastructure) Regulations 2016 are intended to encourage the sharing of existing infrastructure (such as road, rail and utilities) with the telecoms industry. Read more here >

Interactive Mergers & Acquisitions and Private Equity Trends Reports 2022

20 一月 2022

Interactive M&A and PE Trends reports 2022

Our interactive Mergers & Acquisitions and Private Equity Trends Reports 2022 are available now. Download the free reports >

Transport - Union Connectivity Review - Strategic Transport Network

20 一月 2022

Union Connectivity Review Final Report

Sir Peter Hendy has published the final report of his Union Connectivity Review, examining the key road, rail, sea and air links between the four UK nations, and recommending how to improve them. Read more here >

Sustainability - Finance - Podcast

20 一月 2022

Sustainable Finance Podcast

Why is having a sustainability strategy so important for businesses? Catch up on our Sustainable Finance podcast here >

Transport - Driverless Cars - Upcoming Webinar

19 一月 2022

Upcoming In-Person Event: The Race for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles: Driving Change In The UK And UAE

Join us for a round table dinner (in Dubai or London) with other leaders in this market to discuss how we unlock the opportunities relating to driverless cars >

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