Yannick Ramsamy is a UK-qualified Managing Associate in our employment practice, based in Dubai. 

Yannick advises clients in the UAE and in its free zones (including the DIFC and ADGM), Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Oman. He advises on the full range of issues throughout the employment cycle including immigration processes, requirements for employing individuals across the Gulf Cooperation Council, statutory end of service benefits, the implementation of employment documentation and policies, changing terms and conditions of employment, restructurings, disciplinary procedures and grievances, dealing with complaints concerning discrimination and harassment, and the termination of employment including the management of exit strategies and drafting the appropriate termination documentation. Yannick also regularly handles contentious matters and is extremely experienced in advising on disputes in the UAE labour courts. 

Yannick also has extensive experience in delivering training sessions to clients and HR professionals on employment issues in the UAE. 



  • Conducting a UAE employment compliance audit for a global electronics manufacturer 
  • Reviewing and updating a suite of UAE employment documentation (employment contracts, handbooks, policies, termination letter, settlement agreement) for a major international telecommunications provider
  • Advising a major international media and telecommunications company regarding internal complaints of discrimination and harassment 
  • Advising a hotel operator on the restructuring of its Dubai operations and changing terms and conditions of employment pursuant to the Covid-19 pandemic
  • Advising a US insurer on enforcing post termination restrictions in the UAE 
  • Advising an international make up company on managing disciplinary and performance issues 
  • Advising multi-national financial services firms on managing exit terms for senior executives
  • Advising international companies on General Pension and Social Security Authority registration obligations
  • Representing a range of employers in UAE labour court litigation including: 
  • Defending a US hospitality company regarding a gross misconduct dismissal in the Dubai Court of Cassation (the UAE's highest court)
  • Defending a UK project management company regarding the unfair termination of employment in the Abu Dhabi Court of Appeal
  • Defending an international mobile phone company regarding a senior executive bonus dispute in the Dubai Court of Appeal 
  • Defending a UAE education provider in the Sharjah Court of First Instance regarding a gross misconduct dismissal 
  • Drafting employment contractual documentation on behalf of a UK headquartered DIFC corporate set up
  • Advising a US professional services firm on the transfer of employment from the DIFC to the ADGM 
  • Advising corporate banking entities on the application of DIFC Law No.2 of 2019, as amended (the New DIFC Employment Law) which came into force on 28 August 2019
  • Advising international companies regarding the implementation of DEWS in the DIFC
  • Advising international professional services firms in the DIFC regarding complaints of discrimination and harassment 
  • Advising a US software provider regarding the termination of employment in the DIFC by reason of poor performance
  • Advising an international bank on implementing redundancies in the DIFC
  • Negotiating exit terms on behalf of individual senior executives in the DIFC


  • Conducting employment contract reviews for major international employers, including a restaurant distribution company
  • Advising an airline on the termination of employment by reason of redundancy
  • Advising education providers on the structuring of local employment benefits including end of service pay
  • Advising an international make up company regarding the transfer of employment in the Kingdom
  • Advising international banks in relation to seconding employees 


  • Conducting employment contract and policy reviews for international employers
  • Advising an education provider on employment rights and entitlements in Bahrain
  • Advising international companies on the implementation of redundancies 
  • Advising professional service firms on local end of service benefits and negotiating exit terms for senior employees.


  • Advising a multinational engineering company on Oman employment benefits, including changing terms and conditions of employment and drafting revised employment contracts
  • Advising a multinational US telecommunications company on implementing redundancies 
  • Advising a UK headquartered construction company on the employment aspects of an acquisition, including the transfer of employment and the calculation of end of service pay and pension benefits
  • Advising an education service provider regarding gross misconduct dismissals and managing exit terms
  • Providing advice to a construction company in relation to defending a claim of unfair termination in the local courts