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26 October 2016

The limits to Merlin's magic – problems with lending to SMEs under Enterprise Finance Guarantee Scheme

What are the challenges with lending to SMEs under Enterprise Finance Guarantee Scheme? Read more...

26 October 2016

Protection for claimant whilst enforcing judgment - "notification order"

The High Court has enhanced the options available to claimants concerned about a defendant dissipating assets to frustrate enforcement of judgments.

26 October 2016

Governance & Compliance update - Issue 103

Included in this issue: FRC guidance to listed companies on 2016 annual reports; Commons committee inquiry on corporate governance; Board minutes: ICSA guidance on minute taking and more...

26 October 2016

The Brexit jigsaw

We consider the possible outcomes following a soft or a hard Brexit. Find out more in our infographic The Brexit jigsaw.

24 October 2016

InContact - 24 October 2016

Included in this issue: Blockchain could power stock markets in the future; PSR speech - BBA Future of Payments Conference 2016; UK financial services after Brexit – Open Europe report and more...