On this blog I will be sharing insight and knowledge into all of the elements required to manage and lead a modern in-house legal function.


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15 August 2016

Strategy in times of uncertainty

This blog explores how the legal leaders can embrace uncertainty and take advantage of opportunities it presents.

7 July 2016

Delivering Value: Turning the Telescope Around

This blog explores how the legal function of a business can demonstrate that its activities and, sometimes not insignificant, expenditure deliver value.


15 June 2016

Mapping the Moral Compass

This blog post looks at the recently published survey of 400 in-house lawyers by the Centre for Ethics and Law at University College London.

Man reading statistics

6 April 2016

Can analytics help you get legal spend under control?

Guest author James Courtis-Pond, CEO of AnyData Solutions, considers whether analytics help you get legal spend under control.

Woman practicing yoga

21 March 2016

Wellbeing - increasing performance and productivity

Business academics and leaders are increasingly recognising the importance of wellbeing not only as a desirable end in itself but as a means of increasing performance and productivity.

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