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Business Insider | 20 December 2017

IMF: Brexit could alter the shape of the British economy

The International Monetary Fund has published their conclusions from their recent mission to the UK and have said that leaving the EU has a potential to restructure the UK economy. 

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The Telegraph | 13 December 2017

Deal needed for the food and drink sector

Industry leaders in the food and drink sector have expressed concern for consumers to the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee.

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The Independent | 6 December 2017

A push to protect the asset management industry

The government had set out plans to protect and grow its asset management industry and would support 'Asset Management Centres of Excellence'.

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The Guardian | 6 December 2017

Sector-by-sector impact forecasts do not exist

The UK government has confirmed that there are no economic forecasts on the likely impact of Brexit on various sectors of the economy.

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BBC | 3 December 2017

Impact on pharmaceutical industry to be investigated

The Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee has been seeking views from across the sector and determine the impact of Brexit.

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The Telegraph | 29 November 2017

'Cliff edge' over EU workers Construction industry warns of Brexit 'cliff edge' over EU workers

The construction industry targets building 300,000 homes a year, and has expressed concern over their EU workers. 

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The Telegraph | 28 November 2017

Diesel threats and car industry warnings

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders made a call for the government to accelerate negotiations in agreeing a transition deal.  

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ITV | 27 November 2017

Financial sector pays record amount to HMRC

The UK's financial sector has paid a total of £72.1bn in tax, however a report commissioned by the City of London Corporation has said financial institutions relocating due to Brexit could reduce government funds. 

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FarmingUK | 7 November 2017

Veterinary industry issues 'Brexit negotiation plea'

The plea ahead of the next round of negotiations in Brussels, in partnership with the British Veterinary Association (BVA) and Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS), emphasises the role the veterinary profession plays in public goods, like animal health and welfare, food safety and antimicrobial resistance.

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The Guardian | 6 November 2017

Fall in UK car sales deepens

New car sales have declined for the seventh month in a row, falling more than 12% in October as worsening confidence among consumers and businesses continues to dampen the market.

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Business Green | 31 October 2017

Undisclosed studies assess green industry impacts

Renewables, environmental services, agriculture, and nuclear power were all covered in the undisclosed studies. 

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Business Green | 25 October 2017

Still no clarity for the chemicals industry

The Environmental Audit Committee has again highlighted widespread concerns about how EU green regulations on chemicals will affect the UK after leaving the EU.

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BBC | 9 October 2017

UK retailers 'need EU workers after Brexit'

A trade body has warned that the retail industry will suffer price increases and slower home deliveries the retail sector retains access to all EU workers after Brexit.

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The Guardian | 21 August 2017

UK calls on EU to prevent leaks of sensitive information after Brexit

Demand for continued protection on departure highlights growing mistrust between London and Brussels.

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The Telegraph | 18 August 2017

Boom in US tourists visiting the UK 

The Office for National Statistics revealed that the past six months have seen a 25pc rise in visitors from North America compared to the first half of last year.

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The Guardian | 8 August 2017

The position on ECJ rulings in UK after Brexit

Lord Neuberger has called for clarity on whether ECJ ruling will have jurisdiction in the UK after Brexit.

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The Independent | 8 August 2017

Struggles with staff recruitment

A new study has shown that employers are struggling to recruit staff with the decrease in applicants for job vacancies.

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The Guardian | 4 August 2017

An utterly demoralising Brexit? UK car industry facing an 'utterly demoralising' Brexit

Britain's Motor Society has said that leaving the EU will close down small suppliers and reverse the progress of the UK's automotive industry. 

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The Guardian | 3 August 2017

Brexit could leave Britain with a bare pantry, farmers warn

NFU has said that the UK must produce more of its own food to avoid food shortages after leaving the EU.

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The Telegraph | 16 July 2017

Trade deal needed to protect car industry

A former diplomat is raising awareness that a trade deal is essential to protect the UK car industry.

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The Independent | 14 July 2017

Fear of equal pay being scrapped

A women's right group has warned that equal pay laws could be threatened after Brexit. 

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The Guardian | 14 July 2017

Austrian HQ to be set up by EasyJet

EasyJet are setting up a HQ in Australia in a bid to operate EU flights after Brexit. 

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The Independent | 13 July 2017

Billions of lost tax revenue as a result of Brexit

The Office for Budget and Responsibility has said that Brexit could make the UK economy 4.8 per cent smaller, with the billions of tax lost from Brexit. 

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BBC | 12 July 2017

Legal advice should be published

A former minister has said that legal advice regarding the decision to leave Euratom should be published. 

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The Guardian | 11 July 2017

Jobs to be moved if ordered to do so 

JP Morgan has said that they will only move jobs from the UK if the EU regulators or politicians orders them to do so.

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The Guardian | 5 July 2017

Services sectors hits four-month low

A slow growth across the services sector in June in response to Brexit. 

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The Guardian | 4 July 2017

Manufacturers may be forced to make cuts

The warning delivered by the Engineering Employers' Federation comes to try and persuade ministers to ensure economic stability.

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Reuters | 27 June 2017

New minister to oversee financial sector

Stephen Barclay, the UK's new financial sector minister has pledged to listen to the concerns from financial services over the departure of the EU.

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Herald Scotland | 21 June 2017

Growth expected in oil and gas

Despite the impact of Brexit, the UK is expecting to see a growth according to the Bank of Scotland Oil & Gas Report.

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The Scotman | 21 June 2017

Fears over foreign meat workers

A recent report issues by Quality Meat Scotland has highlighted the importance of migrant labour in the Scottish red meat chain.

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The Telegraph | 20 June 2017

Car industry plea for an interim Brexit deal to stop industry falling off a cliff

The UK's car industry has called for a transitional deal to leave the EU to support the automotive sector.

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International Business Times | 15 June 2017

Healthcare sector skills gap

As Brexit looms, the UK's healthcare sector could soon see a shortage of skilled workers in a recent report.

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Pharmaphorum | 14 June 2017

Pharma industry forms a Brexit Health Alliance

A range of healthcare stakeholders in the UK have taken an unprecedented move to form a Brexit Health Alliance to highlight common fears about Brexit's impact on the sector.

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The Telegraph | 14 June 2017

Brexit negotiations needed warns aerospace sector

Trade body ADS has raised their concerns about a 'hard Brexit' and has warned against leaving the EU without a negotiated exit deal.

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The Guardian | 13 June 2017

Employers to carry on hiring despite Brexit UK employers plan to keep hiring despite Brexit and slow growth

UK manufacturers are most optimistic about recruiting with plans to keep hiring despite the slow growth.

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Pharmaceutical Journal | 7 June 2017

EMA produces outlook on pharmaceutical industry

In the first series of guidance published on 31 May, EMA discusses the implications of Brexit in the UK pharma industry.

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The Guardian | 6 June 2017

Households spend less

Reports have down a drop in retail sales and a decrease in new car sales in May.

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Farmers Weekly | 2 June 2017

The farming industry must be involved in trade talks

The NFU has called for “a razor-sharp political focus” on UK’s £13.8bn worth of food and drink exports.

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The Telegraph | 1 June 2017

UK pharma sector needs an early Brexit deal

The Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry has said that the new regulatory guidance published by the European Medicines Agency posed a risk to the health sector.

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Food Ingredients First | 24 May 2017

Food manufacturing labour crisis

A briefing paper has said that the sector worsen, and will need to employ up to 140,000 new workers by 2024.

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Public Sector Executive | 17 May 2017

Civil Service ‘not even close’ to being ready for post-Brexit trade

The Institute for Government According have expressed concerns that Civil Service workers and ministers are currently not ready to negotiate new global trading relationships.

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The Independent | 11 May 2017

Industrial output in the UK reduces

Output fell for the third month in a row a by a monthly 0.5 per cent.

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The Guardian | 9 May 2017

High street sales dip

A recent increase of high street sales resulted from Easter is not an upward trend with shoppers focusing on purchasing essentials, says report.

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Economia | 9 May 2017

Financial services sector not ready for Brexit

UK financial services firms have expressed concern over the government’s plan to conclude Brexit negotiations in 2019, leaving them little time to prepare for the challenges ahead.

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The Telegraph | 8 May 2017

A call for protection Business groups call for EU trade deal and venture capital fund protection

Business groups have called for an EU trade deal and venture capital fund protection for start-ups.

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The Guardian | 3 May 2017

Brexit bill for the oil and gas industry

A hard Brexit could cost the oil and gas industry in the UK around £500m a year with dangers of falling back on WTO rules and curtailing freedom of movement.

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The Guardian | 3 May 2017

Future challenges await the UK's post-Brexit food sector

Nearly all of the country's food and drink exports would be at risk with no agreed trade deals, says report.

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The Independent | 1 May 2017

UK nuclear industry under threat

The Government's Brexit plan has indicated that they have already pledged to withdraw from the EU's nuclear standards and Euratom.

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Parliament UK | 21 April 2017


Leaving the EU means leaving the European Atomic Energy Community (Euratom) says the Government. This briefing paper examines the possible implications of leaving Euratom.

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The Business Desk West Midlands | 19 April 2017

Threats to automotive growth

A combination of skills, costs and Brexit are threatening the growth of the automotive industry. However, auto firms are still optimistic and more than half aim to take on more employees this year.

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The Guardian | 12 April 2017

Danger on the horizon for ports

The UK Chamber of Shipping has predicted issues across Europe unless predicts problem across Europe unless a seamless border is in place after the UK leaves the EU.

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The Telegraph | 11 April 2017

Britain's role in global aerospace pressured

Manufacturers' organisation EEF and Santander have warned that Britain's position in global aerospace may be compromised because of Brexit.

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The Independent | 6 April 2017

Dublin as an EU hub Standard Life considers moving Dublin its EU hub because of Brexit

Standard Life considers moving to Dublin due to Brexit to ensure that they serve their Austrian, German and Irish clients from the UK.

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Business Insider | 6 April 2017

Britain's tourism industry at risk

A report which is published every two years shows the impact that Brexit can make on UK tourism.  

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The Guardian | 5 April 2017

Energy projects threatened by Brexit

Experts have warned that there is a risk of the energy sector being denied entry to Europe’s internal energy market looms large affecting projects such as Hinkley Point.  

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Construction News | 27 March 2017

Government urged to create a UK infrastructure bank

A panel of industry leaders have advised the Government to create a UK version of the European Investment Bank to protect the funding in infrastructure after the UK leaves the EU.

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The Independent | 27 March 2017

Qatar to invest despite Brexit

Qatar has already invested £40bn in the UK, and looking to invest another £5bn into the UK infrastructure.

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The Guardian | 27 March 2017

The future of sugar outside the EU

Brexit has caused friction between sugar-cane importers and farmers producing home-grown sugar beet.

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Plymouth Herald | 27 March 2017

Plymouth factories warn about 'hard Brexit'

EEF, an organisation which represents the region's leading manufacturers has said that "no deal is better than a bad deal".

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The Guardian | 23 March 2017

Retail sales hike, shaking off Brexit jitters

In February as UK consumers increased retail sales by 1.4%.

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The Guardian | 22 March 2017

London Taxi Company urges support for car industry

The company has opened a £300m Coventry plant for electric cabs, creating over 1,000 jobs.

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The Independent | 20 March 2017

Financial services sector to remain strong

The financial services industry has become more positive on the outlook after Brexit.

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Farmers Journal | 13 March 2017

British and Irish food industry highlights their priorities

An open letter by 35 representative bodies in the UK food and drink supply chain has called on the government to make an early arrangement on future trade.

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The Telegraph | 9 March 2017

Brexit and the technology sector

The industry has been thriving in the wake of the decision to leave with investment and expansion thriving, however there are a number of how Brexit will affect the sector.

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Pharmaphorum | 6 March 2017

NHS loses out to Brexit in Spring Budget

Brexit bill and debt levels make spending spree unlikely, meaning less funding into the NHS.  

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The Guardian | 1 March 2017

Unite blames Brexit

As Ford prepares to cut 1,160 Welsh jobs, union leader urges PM to secure tariff-free access to single market, and a guarantee from US firm that it won't shut Bridgend plant.

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PR Week | 1 March 2017

Budgets reduced

Pay for public sector comms professionals is lagging by as much as £7,000 behind the industry average and significant numbers have seen their budgets slashed in the last year, according to a major industry report.

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Business Insider | 1 March 2017

Nissan says the UK car industry needs £100 million of government support to survive Brexit

Nissan told MPs that the UK car industry needs the government to spend at least £100 million ($123.6 million) on attracting car part manufacturers to Britain or risk a "house of cards" collapse in the sector post-Brexit.

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MoneyWeek | 27 February 2017

How Brexit will affect the venture capital industry

British Private Equity and Venture Capital Association discusses the impact of Brexit and the industry's key concerns.

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The Guardian | 25 February 2017

Hi-tech financial firms flee UK amid doubts over Brexit

Leading 'fintech' player says 'the exodus is beginning' as members of £6bn industry start seeking other bases in Europe.

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Maritime Journal | 21 February 2017

Impact on the UK and European marine energy sector

Stakeholders across the UK marine renewable energy sector are busy coming to terms with the likely long-term implications.

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Business Insider | 16 February 2017

EU law is 'important and good' for UK fintech

The CEO of Starling says EU law has been good for fostering Britain's flourishing fintech and fears that Brexit may set it back.

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Business Insider | 15 February 2017

UK fintech funding rebounded at the end of 2016

Investment into British financial technology businesses rebounded in the fourth quarter of 2016.

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Business Insider | 14 February 2017

21% of British startups plan to open a European office due to Brexit

One in every five UK startups intends to open a European office due to Brexit, according to survey results published by Silicon Valley Bank.

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Business Insider | 14 February 2017

UK tech isn't getting post-Brexit export deals

The government's Tradeshow Access Programme is supposed to pay around £10 million for small businesses to go to overseas tradeshows and begin exporting. The UK government is four months late with the funding.

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Natural Gas World | 14 February 2017

Brexit Could Jeopardise UK Climate Policy

Environmental and climate change standards and policies governing the UK could cease after the country leaves the European Union, warns a report by the upper house of parliament's EU Energy and Environment Sub-Committee.

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International Airport Review | 14 February 2017

Aviation deal backed as a priority

A large majority of MPs (86%) across the House of Commons agree that the UK's international air connectivity is more important than ever before.

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The Guardian | 13 February 2017

Fewer EU migrants seeking work in the UK

Business are reporting that labour and skilled workers are falling, with many non-UK nationals considering jobs elsewhere.

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The Telegraph | 13 February 2017

Staff retention in Britain post-Brexit

A report has discovered that some financial services companies are looking to move large numbers of employees out of Britain.

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Business Insider | 10 February 2017

Industry priorities

A leaked document shows how UK industries are set to be ranked in priority by the government for discussions around Brexit.

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The Independent | 8 February 2017

Asian investment into UK tech industry could increase

Analysts have said that the threat of punitive trade tariffs against China from the US, coupled with cheaper UK deals will drive changes.

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Pharmaphorum | 3 February 2017

Alternative outcomes for UK pharma

The chief of AstraZeneca has considered two possible outcomes for post-Brexit regulation.

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Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry | 2 February 2017

Response to new Brexit White Paper

UK pharmaceutical industry has produced a response to new Brexit White Paper.

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The Independent | 1 February 2017

Free movement restrictions will impact legal industry

The UK's legal industry is under threat with these restrictions due to the inability to practice in the EU and the reduction of exports and trade.

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Pharmaphorum | 27 January 2017

Brexit impact on EU drugs regulation

European regulators are concerned over impact of EMA move. The post EU drug regulators have previously raised concerns about Brexit impact.

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The Guardian | 26 January 2017

Brexit may delay power stations

Experts warn that leaving Euratom is a ‘lose-lose’ that will increase costs and raise questions over safety regimes Hinkley Point C and other new nuclear power stations in Britain will be delayed by a decision by the UK to quit Europe’s atomic power treaty.

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Reuters | 26 January 2017

Seize Brexit chance

Deutsche Bank CEO tells the European Union's financial hubs that they must seize the opportunity of Britain's exit from the bloc, or risk losing out to New York, Singapore or Shanghai.

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Yorkshire Post | 24 January 2017

Building industry warns on hard Brexit

The shortage of skilled workers has increased, a call to ensure that the immigration system replaces the free movement of people.

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Insurance Business | 23 January 2017

UK insurers warned of Brexit impact on costs, premium volume

Research has said that cost implications and economic uncertainty may weigh on insurers.  

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The Guardian | 23 January 2017

Tech industry is not immune to Brexit impact

Research by techUK reveals that UK employers within digital industries are particularly reliant on overseas talent.

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Japan Times | 20 January 2017

Car manufacturers back U.K. plants despite May's Brexit plan

Toyota Nissan have stated that they will remain manufacturing cars in the UK, despite the plan to leave the European Union's single market.

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The Independent | 13 January 2017

Global clean energy spending falls 18%

Worldwide investments in renewable power tumbles to $287.5 billion in 2016 following previous year's record high as environmental policies suffer from Brexit-Trump effect.

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UK Construction | 12 January 2017

Brexit no longer biggest economic risk

Mark Carney tells MPs that economic risks stemming from Brexit have receded.

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Business Insider | 12 January 2017

Investment into UK tech firms was down around £80 million

Venture capitalists (VC) put less money into UK tech firms in 2016 than they did in 2015, according to data collated by deal watcher Pitchbook.

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Insurance Post | 6 January 2017

Insurer stops writing business ahead of Brexit

Gibraltar-based Horizon Insurance has ceased renewing and accepting new motor policies in the wake of the Brexit vote.

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Belfast Telegraph | 5 January 2017

Awareness of financial services sector strength

The Bank of England's chief economist has said it is crucial that the Government considers the benefit of Britain's financial services sector when it negotiates a Brexit deal.

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The Guardian | 5 January 2017

British car industry body warns of falling sales as uncertainty kicks in

As uncertainty rises, hopes that the Brexit vote would prompt a demand for British cars appear to have been sunk.

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The Guardian | 5 January 2017

Top London property prices decreased

High-end sellers in the capital have altered prices due to the Brexit vote and taxes says Savills.

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BBC | 4 January 2017

Migrant farm workers may remain after Brexit but red tape goes

The environment secretary says she is committed to ensuring that British farmers have access to migrant workers after Brexit.

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Wales Online | 4 January 2017

Fears over effects on Airbus and its suppliers in Britain

Aerospace companies are reported to be worried that work will shift to Europe when Brexit is triggered.

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The Guardian | 3 January 2017

Banks consider whether to move business out of UK as Brexit looms

Banks consider whether to implement contingency plans for access to remaining EU states.

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The Telegraph | 31 December 2016

Large business groups pledge to make Brexit a success

The five biggest business groups in Britain have come together for the first time to make a success of Brexit.

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Farmers Weekly | 31 December 2016

New Year brings new optimism for agriculture

Farm industry leaders hope for more agriculture opportunities during 2017 post-Brexit.

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BBC | 28 December 2016

Civil service may face difficulties 'bumpy ride' says union leader

A union leader has said that the civil service will go through a touch journey to make Brexit happen whilst dealing with other priorities.

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Pharmaphorum | 15 December 2016

UK pharma industry may suffer long term damage

A survey has found concerns about the future of the UK pharma industry. Industry leaders have noted that Brexit will likely cause long term damage to the sector.

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The Independent | 14 December 2016

Brexit plans will not be published until February

Theresa May's promised plan for Brexit will not be published before February at the earliest, MPs have been told.

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Business Insider | 13 December 2016

Short-term impact of Brexit

Leaders of the UK car industry are concerned that a lack of a transitional Brexit deal will create severe damage to the industry.

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The Independent | 12 December 2016

UK's WTO status

The Institute of Export has warned that countries with which the UK has territorial disputes could use the opportunity to force compromise on other issues.

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Reuters | 8 December 2016

Banks want to be subject to EU laws for five years

Banks in Britain want the UK government to allow their industry to remain subject to EU laws for up to five years after Brexit.

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The Guardian | 8 December 2016

EU student numbers low

A university has advised that numbers have already decreased as higher education institutions tell MPs of significant funding risks of EU exit.

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Automotive News | 7 December 2016

Brexit could be bad news for self-driving cars

A researcher from a London-based think tank fears a so-called 'digital divide' between cities and rural areas could stall the technology.

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The Independent | 1 December 2016

Manufacturing slows

The latest Purchasing Managers' Index, produced by Markit/CIPS, showed a reading of 53.4 for November.

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The Independent | 30 November 2016

UK food supplies at risk

Leading supermarket managers and farmers unions have warned in a letter to the Government about 'Hard Brexit' and how it would put food supplies in the UK at risk.

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BBC | 28 November 2016

Brexit EU trade deals 'should not cherry pick' different sectors

A report drafted by pro-EU MP's have noted that every sector appeared to benefit from trade within the single market.

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Liverpool Echo Business | 18 November 2016

Potential new Brexit taxes could be a challenge

Jaguar Land Rover has warned that they will review the impact before deciding if manufacturing would leave the UK.

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The Independent | 15 November 2016

British tourism suffers

Hotel rooms in the capital are sitting empty as business travellers and holidaymakers turn their backs on London since the Brexit vote.

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BBC | 15 November 2016

UK workers being failed

Chancellor John McDonnell has said that the government is failing to equip the UK economy and protect UK workers during Brexit.

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The Scotsman | 10 November 2016

Construction reaches four-year low

Britain’s construction industry has had their weakest performance for four years in the first three months after the Brexit vote.

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The Scotsman | 10 November 2016

Flybe braces for a Brexit impact

Regional carrier Flybe warned that the Brexit vote could impact the aviation industry "operationally and commercially" and suggested some difficulties following the decline of the pound.

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The Independent | 8 November 2016

Government refuses to guarantee workers' rights after Brexit

People who work in businesses subject to future takeover may have their rights under threat.

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BBC | 7 November 2016

Ryanair raises passenger growth forecast despite Brexit

Ryanair predicts it will be carrying more than 200 million passengers a year by March 2024.

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BBC | 3 November 2016

Brexit court defeat for UK government

The UK government must consult MPs before triggering Article 50 to leave the EU, a court rules.

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Automotive News | 3 November 2016

UK's Brexit subsidies for automakers

Compensating carmakers in the UK for any post-Brexit tariffs on exports to Europe could see the government subsidize the companies more money than they need.  

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Manchester Evening News | 3 November 2016

Two new airport routes prove 'post-Brexit Britain is open for business'

Aviation Minister Lord Tariq Ahmad said the new Manchester services to Houston and Singapore were an example of creating new opportunities.

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Bridging & Commercial News | 3 November 2016

55% of British banks set up Brexit steering committees

Figures released by a financial services consultant found that 55% of British banks had launched their own committee to discuss, among other issues, the possibility of relocation.

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The Guardian | 3 November 2016

Bank of England may raise growth and inflation forecasts following Brexit vote

UK central bank will publishes its latest forecasts for economic growth and inflation.

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Science Business Life Science | 2 November 2016

Find the Brexit cure for UK life sciences

The needs of life sciences must be understood and the sector given a bigger say in exit negotiations, says former health minister.

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Pharmaphorum | 2 November 2016

UK must draw up post-Brexit pharma strategy

Big pharma could take its money elsewhere post Brexit, report warns.

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Reuters Health News | 2 November 2016

Brexit threatens supply of new drugs

British patients may not be able to access modern medicines if there is a "hard Brexit".

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The Independent | 1 November 2016

Investment bank pulled out of Britain before EU referendum result

Carnegie Investment Bank sold their UK holdings prior to the result.

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Accountancy Live | 28 October 2016

Brexit could lead to ‘tax haven conditions’

Leaving the EU could encourage ‘greater promiscuity’ in corporate tax policy according to Labour MP and former Public Accounts Committee chairwoman Margaret Hodge.

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CBS News | 28 October 2016

Northern Ireland’s legal challenge to Brexit dismissed

The first judgement in series of legal disputes surrounding Brexit has been dismissed.

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UK Construction | 28 October 2016

Nissan to build new models

The second largest auto manufacturer look to have their new models being built in the UK despite Brexit.

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Belfast Telegraph | 28 October 2016

Bank expected to hold rates steady

The Bank of England is expected to keep interest rates on hold following better-than-expected economic growth in the months since the EU referendum.

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The Independent | 27 October 2016

Brexit sees UK drop in league table

Following May's decision to scrap the Department for Energy and Climate Change, the UK has dropped to a new low in global renewable energy league table.

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The Independent | 25 October 2016

Restriction on foreign workers could damage businesses

Simon Segars, CEO of ARM Holdings has warned that plans to clamp down in immigration would damage his business.

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The Telegraph | 24 October 2016

Sweden holds out olive branch to Britain

Sweden has express concern of Brexit and is appealing for an amicable settlement to minimise damage for both sides.

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The Telegraph | 24 October 2016

Manufacturing exports surging

As the pound's collapse, the referendum vote has driven demand for exports says CBI.

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The Independent | 23 October 2016

Leading banks plan to leave UK 'planning to leave UK early next year'

The head of British Bankers' Association has warned that they are planning to depart from the UK early next year.

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Reuters Industrial News | 20 October 2016

Pharma and transport sectors to feel most Brexit pain

A study suggests that Germany's pharmaceutical and transport industries, including rail and aerospace construction are likely to suffer most from Britain leaving the European Union.

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Air Cargo Week | 20 October 2016

Heathrow plans more flights a year

Heathrow Airport is looking to add a further 25,000 flights a year from 2021 to give the UK a 'Brexit Boost'is planning an extra 25,000 flights per year from 2021 on its existing runways to give the UK a ‘Brexit Boost’ as nine month revenues rise.

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Reuters US Dollar Report | 20 October 2016

Banks need access to EU market

A government minister has said that Britain must find a "mechanism" that gives banks based in the UK access to the European Union's single market.

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The Business Insider | 20 October 2016

Parliament must be given the opportunity in Brexit talks 'as they happen'

A House of Lords committee published a report on which said MPs and peers could intervene the Brexit process.

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House of Lords | 19 October 2016

The future of environment and climate change policy

The Lords EU Energy and Environment Sub-Committee announces a short inquiry discussing the policy after Brexit.

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Strategic Risk Global News | 19 October 2016

‘Insurance industry will adapt to Brexit’

QBE European Operations CEO, discusses some of the implications of Brexit for insurers.

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The Guardian | 18 October 2016

UK inflation hits 1%, near two-year high

The costs for items such as clothing and fuel have risen with the pound having fallen since the Brexit vote.

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Press and Journal | 18 October 2016

Property increase on west coast Scotland

An increase in interest in island properties has been reported resisting the Brexit gloom.

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The Telegraph | 17 October 2016

UK engineering can take advantage of Brexit

The engineering sector may been offered the change to reinforce their position as an industrial powerhouse as long as Brexit negotiations does not harm the industry.

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Automotive News Europe | 17 October 2016

German car industry warns UK of 'hard Brexit'

The president of Germany's VDA auto industry association has said that areas of the UK's car industry could move to central and eastern Europe if the country loses access to the single market.

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The Independent | 16 October 2016

Fresh fruit and vegetables at risk

Britain's supply of fresh fruit and vegetables if post-Brexit immigration control prevent Eastern Europeans from working in the UK, removing them from the supply chain.

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Automotive News | 14 October 2016

Nissan CEO is confident UK will remain competitive after Brexit

Carlos Ghosn said he was confident the UK would remain a competitive place to do business after meeting with the Prime Minister.

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Air Cargo Week | 14 October 2016

Heathrow third runway essential

Trading links to growing markets are now more crucial than ever, strengthening the case for a third runway, says Nick Platts.

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Scottish Parliament | 14 October 2016

Economic Impact of Leaving the European Union - Scotland

The Scottish Parliament Economy, Jobs and Fair Work Committee is considering the potential economic impact of leaving the European Union and is seeking views on the possible impacts and opportunities for Scotland's exporters, non-UK companies investing in Scotland and the potential impact on labour market issues, including migration and workers' rights. Comments by 21 November 2016.

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Deloitte | 13 October 2016

Preparing for uncertainty following Brexit In the travel and aviation sector

The outcome of the UK referendum on EU membership indicates potentially large changes for the aviation and travel industry.

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The Guardian | 13 October 2016

US banks planning departure from Brexit Britain, says French minister

Michel Sapin says banks had confirmed to him they would move some activities away when the UK leaves the EU.

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City A.M. | 13 October 2016

UK startup funding has jumped a global slowdown

The UK's tech startups have gained substantial capital, defying the Brexit slowdown.

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PwC | October 2016

Brexit and the cost to Europe of dividing financial services

PwC have produced a report exploring the potential economic cost to Europe.

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UK Parliament | 12 October 2016

The implications of Brexit for the justice system

The Justice Committee has launched an inquiry into the implications of Brexit for the justice system. Comments by 11 November 2016.

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Oliver Wyman | October 2016

The impact of the UK's exit from the EU on the UK-based Financial Services Sector

The UK-based financial services sector is a significant contributor to the UK economy. This report looks at the effects that Brexit may have on the financial services industry.

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BBC | 11 October 2016

The rights of Parliament challenged

Debates over Brexit have been intense in Parliament and the country since the referendum, escalating to the High Court.

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The Telegraph | 10 October 2016

'Hard Brexit' will cost Britain billions per year

Government papers have been leaked which suggest that leaving the single market would cause the pound to fall by nearly 10 per cent.

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The Independent | 10 October 2016

Brexit could lead to more expensive food and clothes

The average duty on meat imports could be as high as 27 per cent, while clothing and footwear would attract tariffs of up to 16 per cent warn retailers.

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The Guardian | 10 October 2016

France offers help to banks considering to relocate to Paris

The French finance minister, says after UK’s vote to leave EU banks are being advised about Paris as a financial hub.

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Business Insider | 10 October 2016

Brexit makes euro collapse '5 times more likely'

JP Morgan has said that Britain risks losing its financial passport rights to offer and sell services in the European Union without restrictions.

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Business Insider | 6 October 2016

The difference between a 'hard' and 'soft' Brexit

A table from HSBC highlights the differences including the effects on immigration and market access.

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Automotive News Europe | 6 October 2016

EU-Japan trade deal could hit UK car industry after Brexit

The UK car manufacturing industry can become detrimental if the EU and Japan can agree on their proposed economic partnership.

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The Telegraph | 4 October 2016

Pound dives to 31-year low and FTSE 100 smashes 7,000

The pound has dropped to a new 31-year low, descending below $1.28, as investors offload the pound on concerns of a hard Brexit following Theresa May's announcement about the departure process.

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The Independent | 4 October 2016

Brexit latest: Construction returns to growth in September

The Purchasing Managers' Index increased to 52.3 in the month, up from 49.2 in August.

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The Independent | 3 October 2016

Philip Hammond suggests financial support for UK companies hit by Brexit

This comes after the chief executive of Nissan warned that he could stop their investment in the UK due to the potential tariffs post-Brexit.

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The Independent | 3 October 2016

Leaving the UK after Brexit could cost businesses 'tens of billions of dollars'

Chief executive of the London Stock Exchange Group, has said that London is incomparable in the provision of services and in raising capital for small and medium-sized businesses.

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CNBC | 3 October 2016

European stocks close barely higher; Deutsche Bank, Brexit in focus

European stocks were mostly flat Monday as markets eyed developments on the Deutsche Bank settlement and UK's Brexit process.

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ABI | 30 September 2016

Brexit priorities from Association of British Insurers

ABI has set out Brexit priorities in a blog published on 30 September 2016 and have also analysed all the legislation, EU directives and regulations that particularly affect the industry.

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The Guardian | 28 September 2016

Government must disclose legal arguments on EU withdrawal

A High Court judge has ruled that the Government is required to disclose legal arguments for its refusal to let Parliament decide how and when the UK should leave the European Union.

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The Guardian | 26 September 2016

CBI: Brexit anxiety taking its toll on financial services sector

A CBI survey of confidence in the financial services sector shows that optimism is down for the third consecutive quarter. 

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The Telegraph | 25 September 2016

MedCity chairman: ‘Let’s see Brexit as an opportunity, rather than a threat’

The chief executive of Immunocore and executive chairman of MedCity has said he was “optimistic” that Brexit would not have as severe an impact on life sciences as many have assumed.

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BBC News | 22 September 2016 

Lansley: NHS should get £5bn 'brexit bonus'

Former Health Secretary Andrew Lansley has said that the NHS should get a Brexit bonus of £5bn a year. 

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The Independent | 22 September 2016

UK 'will lose £440bn derivatives business' and global banks are already planning the move

Executives at global investment banks in London believe the City will eventually be stripped of the ability to clear euro denominated swaps after Britain formally Brexits.

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BBC News | 21 September 2016 

House buying 'steady after Brexit'

HMRC data has shown that the Brexit vote has failed to hit house buying in the UK, with a slight rise in transactions in August.

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The Independent | 20 September 2016

University vice-chancellors say Brexit has already damaged Britain's reputation

Eighty per cent of university vice-chancellors fear the UK's global reputation for higher education is already in danger following the vote to leave the EU.

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The Guardian | 20 September 2016

Shop openings fall as big UK retailers scale back on expansion

A biannual report which monitors vacancy rates on the UK high street reported shop closures overtook openings by 1,997 from January to the end of June.

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The Guardian | 20 September 2016

Prime Minister calls on UN to meet challenges of globalisation

United Nations must find new ways to tackle migration, slavery and terrorism or risk irrelevance, says prime minister.

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City A.M. | 19 September 2016

Automakers are shifting jobs from the UK to Eastern Europe ahead of Brexit

According to headhunter DHR International, auto business are seeking to create low-cost hubs after Japan's concerns over the UK car industry.

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Small Business | 19 September 2016

Smallest companies confident about life after Brexit

A study by the Bank of Cyprus indicates confidence in the UK's economy compared to the 28% who do not.

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Farmers Weekly | 19 September 2016

Brexit means cheap food imports, says Farage

Nigel Farage said cheaper food imports were just one benefit from leaving the EU.

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The Guardian | 17 September 2016

EU states set to veto any Brexit deal threatening free movement

Four central European countries are prepared to veto any Brexit deal agreed between the UK and the European Union that restricts their citizens' rights to live and work in Britain.

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The Guardian | 16 September 2016

London Fashion Week organiser makes single market plea

British Fashion Council says access to the EU is vitally important for the industry.

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House of Commons Culture, Media and Sport Committee | 16 September 2016

Brexit impact on creative industries, tourism and digital market examined

A consultation seeks comments on its inquiry into the impact of Brexit on the creative industries, tourism and the digital single market. Comments to be submitted by 28 October 2016.

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The Guardian | 15 September 2016

Bank of England leaves interest rates unchanged

The Bank of England left the door open to another interest rate cut this year but decided that the safest option for now was to wait and see if the economy can continue to weather the initial shock of the Brexit vote.

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Solicitors Journal | 14 September 2016

UK workers must not be left worse off post-Brexit, say trade union solicitors

A law firm has said that the Government must "guarantee that the rights of UK workers will not be diluted" and include the trade union and labour movement in any negotiations.

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The Telegraph | 14 September 2016

Rushing Brexit is like messing with 'nuclear waste'

Rushing the move to any new arrangement could insure huge risks and harm to the markets and clients says bank bosses.

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The Guardian | 13 September 2016

UK job market on 'thin ice'

A report has suggested that companies in business and financial services, construction and utilities are increasingly less optimistic of the referendum vote as new jobs have decreased.

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City A.M. | 12 September 2016

UK music industry calls for Brexit protection

The £4bn UK music industry has called for Brexit protection after a study found the industry has outperformed the wider economy over the last four years.

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The Independent | 10 September 2016

Man running one of the biggest Nordic banks issues Brexit warning

Nordic region's biggest bank says the European Union needs to brace itself for the possibility that it will take up to half a decade before Britain can extract itself from the bloc.

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Parliament | 8 September 2016

Brexit: future trade between the UK and the EU

The EU External Affairs and EU Internal Market Sub-Committees are holding two evidence sessions on: the UK's position in the World Trade Organisation after Brexit and whether a free trade agreement could form the basis for future trade between the UK and EU.

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City A.M. | 5 September 2016

The two Morgans now believe the UK will avoid a Brexit recession

Two leading investment banks have published forecasts for economic growth after initially expecting the UK economy to shrink in the third quarter of the year.

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The Independent | 4 September 2016

Theresa May issues warning about Brexit

The Prime Minister has warned that Brexit may not be a simple process as there are 'difficult times ahead'.

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The Independent | 4 September 2016

Japan issues Brexit warning

In wake of the G20 summit, Japan has warned the UK that they will be thrown in "great turmoil" if there is not an agreed deal for Brexit. The document entitled "Japan's Message to the UK and EU" warns the UK of the consequences and lists the demands of Japan's businesses for the conditions of Brexit.

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The Guardian | 1 September 2016

Manufacturing figures suggest UK economy is coping with Brexit vote

The latest report of manufacturing suggests that the manufacturing market is coping with the Brexit result.

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Savills UK | August 2016

Commercial Development Activity

A report reviewing the effects that Brexit has had on the commercial property sector.

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New Economy | August 2016

The North West Brexit Monitor: Key economic and policy developments

The UK voted to leave the European Union on 23rd June and uncertainty remains as to the longer term socio-economic impact of this decision. The impact will be determined by the trade relationship negotiated between the UK and the EU, and how the UK government reacts to its new-found potential policy freedom in the areas of migration and regulation.

This briefing monitors the economy post the EU Referendum with both leading and lagging indicators to assess the impact of this landmark decision on the North West.

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The Independent | 30 August 2016

UK will never leave EU because Brexit process 'too complex', says academic

Prime Minister Theresa May 'will order a second referendum', predicts advisor for the Electoral Commission.

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House of Commons Library | 26 August 2016

Brexit - impact across policy areas

This paper looks at the current situation in a range of policy areas and considers what impact Brexit might have. This will depend, among other things, on the Brexit negotiations, whether the UK stays in the European Economic Area and how the Government fills any policy gaps left by withdrawal.

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The Independent | 25 August 2016

Brexit fails to stop UK shoppers spending as retail sales beat expectations

The fall in the pound post the EU referendum decision has boosted visitor numbers to the UK.

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The Independent | 22 August 2016

Brexit: Infrastructure spending falls by 20% after EU referendum

Economic uncertainty could prevent investment in infrastructure projects

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The Telegraph | 22 August 2016

Why a third runway at Heathrow would help the UK thrive in a post-Brexit world

Britain needs to show that it is open for business and embracing its new global future.

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Bloomberg | 22 August 2016

Brexit worsens energy supply risk as coal retirement looms

Britain’s decision to leave the European Union may push back its planned exit from coal, a mainstay in the nation’s energy supply for more than a century.

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The Telegraph | 18 August 2016

The City pushes for Swiss-style Brexit

The City is pushing for a bespoke Brexit deal amid rising fears that maintaing full access to the EU single market will be impossible.

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City AM | 17 August 2016

Why Brexit won't take away London's fintech crown

The outlook is brighter and some entrepreneurs are starting to see opportunities.

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HSBC Webcasts | Registration and On Demand

Brexit: What Next For Your Business?

The UK has voted to leave the EU. There has been a lot of debate in recent months on what the outcome of this referendum will mean for the UK. HSBC produces a series of webcasts on what Brexit means for UK businesses.

View the webcasts

The Independent | 12 August 2016

House price growth dips to three-year low following Brexit

The weakest in house-sales since the 2008 financial crisis.

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The Guardian | 10 August 2016

Building land prices fall over Brexit vote

Caution has been given from builders about the effects of Brexit on the market.

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City A.M. | 8 August 2016

Private equity buyout activity unharmed by the Brexit, research finds

Data recorded by Unquote has seen UK private equity buyout activity to be favourable with the figures in the same month of 2014 and 2015.

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The Independent | 8 August 2016

Output falls post Brexit

The Brexit vote has hit companies in London and the South East hardest, according to data from the Purchasing Managers Index.

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PWC | August 2016

Being better informed: August 2016

This month's Being Better Informed from PwC analyses the likely impact of Brexit on financial services passporting and regulatory equivalence.

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The Independent | 2 August 2016

UK construction shrinks at fastest pace since 2009 after Brexit vote

Figures from the Markit/Cips data for July have shown a substantial reduction in demand.

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The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) | August 2016

What Brexit means for Financial Institutions

The vote in favour of Britain's exit from the EU has created significant uncertainty for the UK, the EU, and global economies. For the UK, "Brexit" will have an undoubtedly negative economic impact.

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IPF | July 2016

IPF post-Brexit forecast sentiment survey July 2016

Following the 23 June referendum result for the UK to leave the European Union, the IPF invited its regular Consensus Forecasts contributors to participate in a sentiment survey - 24 organisations contributed. This note summarises their changes to pre-Brexit projections of rental and capital value growth for the next five years.

Note: this survey captures changes in forecaster opinion in a post-Brexit referendum world, compared to the figures returned for the May 2016 Consensus Forecasts.

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IPE Real Estate | 28 July 2016

Study: UK real estate investment fell in months prior to Brexit vote

Research by Real Capital Analytics show a slowdown in commercial real estate investment.

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The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders | 28 July 2016

Brexit risks for booming carr manufacturing, says SMMT

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders have noted a 10% increase in UK car production.

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European Commission | 27 July 2016

President Juncker appoints Michel Barnier as Chief Negotiator

Commission President Juncker appoints Michel Barnier as Chief Negotiator in charge of leading the Commission Taskforce for the Preparation and Conduct of the Negotiations with the UK under TEU art.50.

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Bilfinger GVA | July 2016

Brexit implications for Real Estate

Challenges and opportunities following the referendum vote.

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The Lawyer | 25 July 2016

The long read: Managing partners talk lawyering after Brexit 

Comments from managing partners on the challenges faced by lawyers following the Brexit vote.

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The Lawyer | 25 July 2016

Planning for the post-Brexit legal world 

Viewpoints and guidance assessing the extend of the challenges ahead.

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EU Citizens Resident in the United Kingdom (Right to Stay) Bill 2016 (HC Bill 50) (First Reading)

A bill to grant EU citizens the right to stay resident in the UK following the UK's withdrawal from membership of the European Union; and for connected purposes.

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Terms of Withdrawl from EU (Referendum) Bill 2016-17 – Not yet published (First reading)

A Bill to require the holding of a referendum to endorse the United Kingdom and Gibraltar exit package proposed by HM Government for withdrawal from the EU, or to decide to remain a member, prior to the UK giving notice under the Treaty on European Union art.50.

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Law Society and SRA publish responses to EU referendum 'leave' result

Following the result of the EU referendum, the Law Society and SRA have published responses to the UK’s decision to leave the EU. The Law Society’s press release, published on 24 June 2016, states that the leave decision means an “unprecedented and complex challenge for UK law” and, as part of a wider comment on the future work required to implement an exit, the “UK will also need to resolve issues relating to its trading relationship with other parts of the world, specifically in terms of international trade agreements”.

The SRA’s news release, also published on 24 June 2016, simply provides a short statement that it would be looking into the legal implications and that there was, at present, no impact on the ability to practice or apply to practice.

The Economist

Brexit impact

This report, produced by the Intelligence Unit of The Economist, assess Brexit impact by sector, including financial services, retail, automotive, healthcare, energy and telecommunications.

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Brexit: potential implications for contracts and disputes

This PLC article considers some of the potential implications of the UK leaving the EU for both new and existing contracts, and the resolution of disputes within the EU.

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RICS Q2 2016 | UK Commercial Property Market Survey

UK commercial property sees significant drop in confidence and investor demand

The Q2 2016 RICS UK Commercial Property Market Survey shows a significant deterioration in market sentiment following the Brexit vote. The heightened sense of caution is visible across both investment and occupier sides of the market, with uncertainty pushing rental and capital value projections into negative territory. Whether or not the adverse hit to sentiment is a knee-jerk reaction that will unwind as the result is digested, or the start of a more prolonged downturn, remains to be seen.

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Addleshaw Goddard |22 July 2016

First court hearing on Article 50 Challenge

Addleshaw Goddard has attended and reported back on the first court hearing on the legal challenge concerning Article 50 from claimants who contend that the government can only trigger Article 50 once it has obtained parliamentary approval to do so. The hearing was mainly procedural, with the court setting the procedural timetable for the substantial hearing, which is due to take place in mid-October 2016.

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IPE | 21 July 2016

BPF: government should help avoid downturn in commercial property

The British Property Federation has urged the government to safeguard against a downturn in UK commercial property, as a major survey uncovered a slump in investor sentiment.

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FT Advisor | 21 July 2016

Property prices and property funds take a bashing

How advisers have helped clients looking at physical property and positioned clients whose cash is in commercial property funds.

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Rtm | 21 July 2016

Rail projects likely to lose staff and investment following Brexit

The EU referendum result is likely to lead to a prolonged period of uncertainty for UK infrastructure projects, Balfour Beatty has warned.

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City AM | 19 July 2016

EEF warns Brexit vote will leave manufacturing sector in recession until 2017

EEF issued a stark warning about the impact of the Brexit vote on Britain's manufacturers, as its forecasts now suggest the sector will stay in recession until 2017.

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Legal Week | 19 July 2016

Top firms meet with government officials to discuss trade work

Leading UK law firms met with a representative of HM Treasury this week to discuss the implications of Brexit for the UK’s financial sector and highlighted the lack of expert trade lawyers needed to make international deals.

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Guardian | 17 July 2016

Richard Buxton says UK economy will "judder to a halt" but not be as sever as some share indicate

One of the leading money managers in the City of London has said the fallout from Britain’s vote to leave the EU will be “horrible” and that the Square Mile is still “slightly stunned” by the result.

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Independent | 17 July 2016

EY ITEM Club slashes forecasts for UK growth from 2.3% to 1.9% following Brexit

EY ITEM Club has slashed its forecasts for UK economic growth from 2.3 per cent to 1.9 per cent this year, and from 2.6 per cent to 0.4 per cent in 2017, as Brexit uncertainty drives up unemployment and puts the brakes on consumer spending and business investment.

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Yorkshire Post | 16 July 2016

Build-to-rent are post-Brexit winners "prologis"

Shares in many housebuilding firms have fallen and buyers and sellers are exercising caution. While the jitters are hindering some sectors, the nascent build-to-rent industry looks set to keep on growing.

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Telegraph | 16 July 2016

26m of London office space could be left empty

A vast amount of London’s commercial office space is in danger of being left empty as a result of companies relocating staff overseas in the wake of the Brexit vote, a new report warns.

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ABI | 13 July 2016

ABI advises travellers to keep calm and carry travel insurance and EHIC

The Association of British Insurers has published a press release saying travel insurance and the European Health Insurance card are currently unaffected by Brexit. With the height of the holiday season in Europe approaching, the ABI reminded travellers to carry their insurance and EHIC as last year nearly 500,000 travellers who needed help overseas were assisted by insurers.

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Independent | 11 July 2016

1000 lawyers sign letter saying EU referendum result 'not legally binding'

A letter addressed to Prime Minister David Cameron and signed by over 1,000 lawyers argues that the result of the EU referendum is merely "advisory" and not legally binding.

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Guardian | 8 July 2016

Preliminary hearing scheduled for Brexit challenge

The claim by British citizen Deir Dor Santos has been scheduled for 19 July 2016. The claim is based on the assertion that only parliament and not the Prime Minister, can call for article 50 to be signed.

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Guardian | 7 July 2016

£5bn of commercial property could be put up for sale post vote

Shopping centres, office blocks and warehouses worth up to £5bn could be put up for sale as the turmoil in the UK commercial property sector prompted by the Brexit vote forces fund managers to revalue their portfolios or temporarily prevent investors withdrawing their savings.

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IPE Real Estate | 7 July 2016

Looming Brexit magnifies lower-for-longer outlook, fund managers say 

Events following the UK vote to leave the EU have made it more likely that interest rates and bond yields will stay low for a longer period of time than previously thought, as economies around the world operate in an environment of low growth and increased market volatility, according to Newton Investment Management.

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IPE | 6 July 2016

Henderson becomes fourth fund to suspend trading

Henderson said its UK Property PAIF and feeder fund, aimed at retail investors, have been closed to redemptions.

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The Lawyer | 5 July 2016

Will Brexit crush office centres?

Amid the great wave of UK law firms struggling to promote efficiency and reap the benefits in their bottom line, many firms have opened business services centres to carry out their back office functions.

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Guardian | 4 July 2016

UK construction industry slumped dramatically in run-up to EU vote

Britain’s builders had their worst performance in seven years last month as a collapse in new orders clobbered firms in the run-up to the EU referendum.

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New Law Journal | 1 July 2016

Effects of Brexit on the Legal Profession

Article predicting 'short term gain but long term pain' for lawyers and law reform being put on hold.

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Guardian | 30 June 2016

Singapore’s UOB halts lending on London properties

United Overseas Bank stops writing loans while DBS Bank, Singapore’s biggest lender, warns customers of ‘foreign exchange and sovereign risks’.

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Independent | 29 June 2016

Fall in sterling buying opportunity for overseas investors

Overseas property buyers are snapping up London property after the shock decision for the UK to leave the EU, even as domestic buyers, spooked by uncertainty, pull out.

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BIBA | 28 June 2016

BIBA Chief Executive – business as usual

Steve White, Chief Executive of the British Insurance Brokers Association has said it is business as usual for brokers after the Brexit vote and emphasised the strength of the UK insurance sector.

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Bloomberg | 28 June 2016

Property funds look to Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia following Brexit

London may have just shed its safe-haven property market tag with the U.K.’s vote to break away from the European Union. That’s good news for real estate markets in Asia that offer stability.

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HM Treasury | 27 June 2016

Statement by the Chancellor following the EU referendum

Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne has made a statement on the outcome of the referendum on the UK's membership of the EU, expressing his wish for the UK to "put in place the strongest possible economic links with our European neighbours, with our close friends in North America and the Commonwealth, and our important partners like China and India".

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The Scotsman | 26 June 2016

Brexit: experts warn new UK laws needed to trigger art.50

Following the EU referendum result, tops QCs have said that new UK legislation to trigger the formal treaty mechanism that would take the UK out of the EU will be required. The requirement could stall the move to trigger the Treaty on European Union art.50 process because a majority of MPs backed Remain and could in principle block the result.

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Law Society Gazette | 24 June 2016

Brexit lobby lawyer sets out practice priorities

Clive Thorne, a board member of the pro-Leave group "Lawyers for Britain" has set down a number of priorities for legal practice following the UK's vote to leave the EU. He called for a new legal regime to be established in several areas, including intellectual property rights, competition law, and litigation practice. Whilst he advocates the conversion of some EU law into domestic rights, he envisages the abolition of Regulation 44/2001 (Brussels Regulation) and the European arrest warrant.

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Bloomberg | 24 June 2016

How Aberdeen Asset Management got Brexit right, interview with Luke Hickmore

Luke Hickmore, senior investment manager at Aberdeen Asset Management, explains how his firm prepared for a leave vote in the U.K.'s Brexit referendum and the issues that can push markets lower. He speaks with Bloomberg's Matt Miller on "Bloomberg ‹GO›". (Source: Bloomberg)

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Bloomberg | 24 June 2016

UK asset managers brace for redemptions after Brexit vote

Schroders Plc and Aberdeen Asset Management Plc led a selloff in British asset managers as industry experts warned that the U.K.’s vote to leave the European Union could lead to a surge in redemptions.

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Reuters | 24 June 2016

Brexit seen hurting UK property market, London the most

Britain's decision to quit the European Union led to sharp falls in property-related stocks on Friday on the expectation the recent cooling of both residential and commercial markets, a major driving force of the economy for years, will deepen.

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British Property Federation | 24 June 2016

British Property Federation comments on vote to leave the EU

Melanie Leech, chief executive of the British Property Federation, comments on the vote to leave the EU: "The effect of the result has been immediate, and we are already seeing market turbulence and a fall in the pound. The priority for the government and the Bank of England must now be to stabilise the position and maintain confidence in the UK."

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Hoteliers | 24 June 2016

Brexit – the impact on the hotel sector

A poll of CBRE investor clients in February 2016 found that 73% believe the UK would be a worse place to invest should the country vote to exit.

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Struggles with staff recruitment

A new study has shown that employers are struggling to recruit staff with the decrease in applicants for job vacancies.