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We will be blogging here on a variety of Brexit related topics. Please check back to read more from us over the coming weeks and months. 


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2 February 2017

Brexit blueprint – Part two

Can the Government actually deliver the Brexit blueprint which was set out in the Prime Minister's speech? Read more...

20 January 2017

Brexit blueprint - Part one

Theresa May's 12 objectives have given us the first clear statement of the type of relationship which the Government wants with the European Union once the UK leaves the Union.

30 November 2016

The BBA's "Brexit Quick Briefs"

The BBA's Brexit Quick Briefs: Staying in or Leaving the EU single market; An orderly exit from the EU; What is "passporting" and why does it matter; What is equivalence and how does it work? Read more...

21 September 2016

Speaking Brexit in French

Brexit has consequences not just for Britain but also for our EU partners. On the 11th July our French partner firm, August and Debouzy, hosted an event in Paris to which I was invited to give the UK perspective on Brexit.

16 August 2016

Standing up for branding

We are all familiar with the fact that the result of the EU referendum has caused a high degree of uncertainty. In particular, lawyers and their clients are keen to understand which laws may change (and when, and how) if the UK were to leave the EU.

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