Do you remember your first job? That feeling of satisfaction that the firm you’d picked, and who had picked you, were a perfect match? 

Now you’re looking at a consulting role, how would you like to recapture that feeling? Not just once, but with every single project.  

We work with Lawyers, Company Secretaries, Legal Operations, HR, Forensic Accountants and Compliance & Risk.

Consultant, meet client – client, meet consultant

Call it chemistry, call it cultural fit, call it respect and recognition. Whatever name you put to it, the process of matching you to your clients is one we take extremely seriously. 

It could be a GC at a FTSE 100 company, Head of Legal for an SME or the MD of a Fintech startup. Whoever we match you with, you can be sure we’ll want the relationship to work from day one.

Perhaps uniquely among legal consulting services, AG Integrate is run for lawyers, by specialists in talent management. We understand the critical importance to a successful outcome of having round pegs in round holes. (And square pegs in square holes, and triangular pegs in triangular holes.) 

How we get to know you

As a consultant with AG Integrate, you’ll experience what we call your Career Concierge Service. To begin, you’ll meet one of our partners and a talent manager to get to know you and your skillset.

We’ll work with you to identify your motivations and ensure we fully understand your strengths and your preferred ways of working. For each project, we’ll design a process to embed you with your client that makes the most of your skills and preferences..

From a mentoring system to regular training events and diarised catch-up calls, we like to keep in regular touch with you and our whole community of contractors.

Five minutes is all it takes

Invest five minutes of your time now in a quick call to AG Integrate and we’ll show you how you can get the contract role you want at a time and a fee to suit you. Email us on