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Manchester Legal Awards 2011

Manchester Legal Awards 2011

One of these people is a soft Southerner

One of these people gets up early in the mornings.

One of these people is Mayor of London

One of these people once said his products were cr'p

One of these people has a big oar

One of these people had written 4 best selling cook books before he was 18.

One of these people won four Olympic Golds

One of these people came from Luton Airport

One of these people shares a bed with Tony Blair

One of these people was a new romantic

One of these is Keith Chegwin

One of these is half-human half-fish


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Everyone has a novel inside them - or at least a short story. Here's our CSR blog, which acts like a diary for our CSR programme. We hope you enjoy the mental meanderings of our CSR Manager.


The beginning to the end (24 June 2011)

Some of you will know that by the end of June, Marcus Jamieson-Pond will have left the building.

Meetings, as usual. (26 May 2011)

Did a bit (more) brown nosing yesterday.

Big Society again (24 May 2011)

So David Cameron is trying to tell us that volunteering and donating money to charity is a good thing. Vive le Big Society.

Goodbye Emma (19 April 2011)

I was asked yesterday how I manage to do everything I do. I answered I just work. All the time. And usually during the few hours I get to sleep too

The last days of home (31 March 2011)

Am writing this on the penultimate day of my seven week sabbatical.

Sick people of the Youtube community (17 March 2011)

I'm on the way to BITC's Responsible Business Conference reading more about Japan in Metro.

Stomach churning (11 March 2011)

Still around and still doing bits of work.

Sabbatical take 1 (21 February 2011)

Thought I would just drop you a line from my "holiday".

The paradox of Big Society (7 February 2011)

I try to remain apolitical in the blog, so will let you come to your own conclusions about whether a paradox exists.

Carbon figures in Metro today (2 February 2011)

Seems that I have run out of "amusing" headlines. Today Metro tells us that UK greenhouse gas is down by 8.7 per cent in 2009. Cause for a non-wheezy cheer?

Looping around Leeds (28 January 2011)

Leeds' HMV is pretty impressive. I found it by chance having asked the taxi driver to drop me and let me walk, rather than spend another 30 minutes on the Loop trying to get back to the office.

It's the Les Venus and Steve Moore Show! (20 January 2010)

I met two larger than life characters yesterday, both joined by a passion for their subject.

Old Man Marcus (14 January 2011)

We can all hope that with great age comes great wisdom.....

Reflections on 2010 (29 December 2010)

Been a while since I've given you any attention. Not for a lack of want, just a lack of creating the quality time to do something about it.

The gift of the gab (8 December 2010)

I've just left the House of Lords where I was at the Associate Parliamentary Group on CSR, along with such luminaries as Lords Newby and Hastings and Baroness Greengross, to name but three.

Slips, trips and falls? (3 December 2010)

How often do you come away from a meeting with a page of notes headed "Prince Charles and David Cameron"?

We're playing for England (2 December 2010)

So in about two hours we will know if Prince William. my mate Boris and the Davids Cameron and Beckham have secured a football fiesta for the poor people of good old Blighty.

National Pro Bono Week (16 November 2010)

On Tuesday morning I was at Cass Business School unveiling our joint project with Linklaters and Speechley Bircham.

Back from half term (1 November 2010)

Been quiet, on holiday and absorbing what the Comprehensive Spending Review may mean to us CSR people.

On the eve of the other CSR (19 October 2010)

Tomorrow CSR means something different.

Awards (11 October 2010)

Thought I would share this with you.

School boy error? Brum blog part deux (3 October 2010)

Despite what you may think, I have never before been to a party conference before.

On a train to Birmingham on a Sunday afternoon (3 October 2010).

Heading towards the Tory conference? Yes. You guessed it.

Buzz - you've got nothing on me (23 September 2010)

Had a great day on Tuesday at the Corporate Responsibility Group's (CRG) annual exchange.

Busy boy (16 September 2010)

Doing two jobs and launching two new volunteering platforms in the middle of Big Week Out?

Oh the joys of technology (3 September 2010)

Am on the train back to Watford from Manchester, having been in Manchester already this morning and Leeds this afternoon. At one point I forgot which City I was in.

The hazy days of power (27 August 2010)

Yesterday I spent the morning in the City and the afternoon in Canary Wharf. Tuesday the morning was in City Hall and the afternoon at 10, Downing Street. Feel the power!

City Hall (14 August 2010)

Has it really been this long?

Interesting times (28 July 2010)

I had a week in Galicia last week debating whether the smoking ban in cafes and restaurants was an EU Directive or not. Lots of t-shirts with a certain pulpo selecting a Spanish footballing victory.

Rubbing shoulder pads with Cherie (15 July 2010)

Well I got to shake Cherie Blair's hand again yesterday and had a chat with her about the last time we met.

There's something in the air (6 July 2010)

I've known for a while that CSR is developing into a key element of business practice. I've also known for ages that having a good community volunteering programme isn't enough.

Yes, it is a bit of a list of names (27 June 2010)

Regular blog readers will know that a week without an entry means one of two things - no long train journeys or just blooming busy!

Getting back to the woodwork (16 June 2010)

Last couple of days have been out and about. So sorry to anyone who has been looking for me in the office, I've been busy plotting, building and scheming.

I never won a Blue Peter badge (4 June 2010)

Busy week. Half term it may be, but no rest for the CSR Manager.

Boris, Wayne and Bob (26 May 2010)

I should be catching up in emails, or reading the 250 page document prepared for the Goalball UK Board meeting tomorrow, but instead I'm sat here, late at night, blogging about today.

Guest Blog - Malcolm McClean (17 May 2010)

Malcolm McClean is the Managing Director of Bearhunt, the MyPlace Support team. Malcolm, a friend of the CSR Team, recently emailed an update on his recent fundraiser. And before he knew it he had become a guest blogger.

Feasts and famines (11 May 2010)

So we still don't know who is going to be doing what to us for the next five years.

Election Eve (5 May 2010)

So the Ethical Corporation Conference concludes.

Ethical stuff (4 May 2010)

Am on lunch at Day 1 of the Ethical Corporation conference in my old stomping ground of Hammersmith.

Kids care (24 April 2010)

Saturday, having a coffee in a lull on the kids' taxi run.

Rabbits and Lords (22 April 2010)

So I'm on the train back to Watford having been fortunate to have had a lot of free wine today.

Back in the UK (12 April 2010)

Ah the joy of being back in Britain - I see the large picture of Gordon Brown's face round the corner from home has developed a moustache and beard.....was I gone THAT long?

When Marcus met Gordon (30 March 2010)

Believe it or not I was asked if I would like to meet Gordon Brown at Downing Street today and I'm not even a Gallagher (not Oasis, nor Shameless).

Goodbyes and Earth Hour (26 March 2010)

I sit in the London office looking at a building site next door and wonder where all that rubble they are removing is being taken to.

Base, how low can you go? (15 March 2010).

Spent today at the "BASE" conference in Docklands. A major feat of planning and execution on the part of Andrew Dowding.

Winter Olympics and bullying (22 February 2010)

Am sat in a very cold so called waiting room at Milton Keynes, waiting for a train to Manchester to then take me over to Leeds.

Being impressed by Shelley (15 February 2010).

Despite still having some horrendous side effects from a course of antibotics (say no more), I made it into London last night for the monthly Convergence networking meeting.

The long and winding tube (9 February 2010).

Still running around like an idiot. Mainly due to the snow cancelled meetings from either side of Christmas kicking back on line. After this week I will have a couple of weeks with only the morning commute into town to look forward to. Joy.

Northern trip (31 January 2010)

Ha! I was in Leeds for most of last week,

Millie is saving the environment (26 January 2010)

Sorry it's been a while. My last entry was self-censored, as it was a bit rambling and started off on a tangent, which led to an even greater number of blind alleys. Which is never a good sign.

Convergence (18 January 2010)

So today is Martin Luther King day. I have a dream etc about bringing people together to make a positive change in society.

Millie's ideas to save the world (12 January 2009)

I was chuffed to hear from two blog readers yesterday - one was touting for funding and the other is an old friend who uses this rambling column to keep up with my latest news/world domination plans.

New Year's resolutions (5 January 2010)

So the blogging took a backseat over Christmas and New Year, but the world continued to turn without me.

Actung iceberg! (3 December 2009)

The Legal Sector Alliance on Climate Change got together yesterday ahead of the Copenhagen Summit to talk about the legal sector's response to the issue.

Fiona's other life (1 December 2009)

I was at the Foreign office last night. First time I've been in there and I have to say that it is a lot more impressive than the Houses of Parliament. The buildings are full of high gilded ceilings - a lofty tribute to the Victorian Empire.

Polution interception (26 November 2009)

Actual official sign seen outside Euston Station, on top of a box, on a pole - "Polution Interceptor".

Manchester, so much to answer for? (25 November 2009)

Grabbing ten minutes between meetings to reflect on the fact that I'm in Manchester and the weather is better than in London.

Lucy and extended oil capacity (17 November 2009)

I see that Honda took out a big advert in last night's Evening Standard advertising their community creditials.

Epic fail (13 November 2009)

National Pro Bono Week is coming to an end and the Gods have been conspiring against my participation.

Blue or green, it's all the same (4 November 2009).

We've got our Charity of the Year relationship off the ground in London with a big Smarties session.

Lots of good news (28 October 2009)

On the same day that Metro reports Mike Ashley is going to put £20M into the "business" he failed to sell, Tescos have announced that they are about to recruit 1000 people in Newcastle. Good for the Toon.

Is mimicry is the greatest form of flattery? (21 October 2009)

I see that Simmons and Simmons have set up a CSR blog. Bravo! Will be interesting to see if the original remains the best.

2012 (8 October 2009)

I read this morning that an ex-Sustainability Manager is fighting his employer who had made him redundant.

Catch twenty-twos (2nd October 2009)

On the way back from Yorkshire having met Lucy, aka the new Kate, at Leeds Mencap and spending a morning in the company of a collection of CSR Managers, courtesy of Leeds Ahead.

How can I get a solar panel on my roof? (30 September 2009)

My wife was commenting last night how the Watford planning people seem a lot more relaxed and able to interpret the rules in a way that is more favourable to the home owner, than our previous council in Rickmansworth.

Today The Guardian, tomorrow ? (29 September 2009)

I've started to take more interest in The Guardian - not only as it seems to be the newspaper of choice for Starbucks, but also as a result of my realisation that their journalists know a thing or two about CSR (10:10 til we do it again?). Of course it is also the part time home of my new found eco-hero, George Monbiot.

Guest blog:- In reply to the solar panel question....(28 September 2009)

One of our regular readers responded to this morning's blog entry - here's her email. (I'm more a Lidl and Nandos person myself).

Solar panels at the ready? (28 September 2009)

I spent a large chunk of last night worrying about energy.

More stories about polar bears (23 September 2009)

So China has woken up to climate change and Barack has had his thunder stolen.

Attorney General in good news shocker (22 September 2009)

I was at the launch of the Attorney General's Youth Network this afternoon. Did she look like a rabbit caught in the headlines?

Last thing in the day (17 September 2009)

Am looking out at the Autumnal evening that shrouds the building site next to our new London office and have decided I need a break from the round of meetings and emails.

More reflections on Manchester (12 September 2009)

I got paid to talk about one of my other "passions" yesterday. Football.

Sunshine in Manchester (11 September 2009)

It's now the weekly tradition of getting the train back from Manchester on a Friday evening and the collection of thoughts, whilst trying to contain the content of my stomach.

Weeping icebergs (3 September 2009)

Sat on a stationary train, looking at a field of sheep.

Taking some time off (20 August 2009)

Am sat drinking a Pelforth, in France on me hols, trying not to check emails.

Green buildings (11 August 2009)

The new building is filling up. Next door will soon be going up.

Choc Pronto (29 July 2009)

Have spent today working at home on a couple of papers that may change the way that we "do" CSR and who knows.....

Awards submissions (19 July 2009)

Blimey my eyes are tired.

Conspiring, in theory (17 July 2009)

This week has been one packed with interesting theories.

I suspect I may have swine flu (8 July 2009)

Or I am just overcooking on the tube?

Back on the trains - day trip to Manchester (2 July 2009)

Turns out by leaving an hour later than usual and getting home a couple of hours later than normal, I can knock almost 3/4 of the price off the ticket. Even travelling on a Friday. Nicely!

Yeah, in your dreams (18 June 2009)

Was at the HOP last night for the first Associate Parliamentary CR Group.

Elvis Costello didn't want to go to Chelsea (11 June 2009)

Maybe there is indeed a tube strike today, but that won't stop me getting to Chelsea

I finally got Zac Effron into a blog entry (5 June 2009)

I'm sat waiting for my daughter to finish her piano lesson - I can hear Twinkle Twinkle as she tinkle tinkles.

Big Week Out 3, week 2 (2 June 2009)

One of our people asked me today if I could work on an environmental piece she's writing.

Big Week Out 3 is out of the blocks (26 May 2009)

It's happening - BWO3 is on the road.

It has been a while hasn't it? (18 May 2009)

This one goes out to all you night owls out there.

Blue is the colour, unless you support Fulham (7 May 2009)

Last night Chelsea were apparently being "robbed" by a referee (despite the fact that Barca still had to score and played with 10 men for 25 minutes).

On the way back from the Intendance awards (30 April 2009)

Last year we won a prize for the best legal CSR microsite - this year there was no such category.

Guest blogger - Sarah Johnson (20 April 2009)

When a total stranger sends in her views of our website, our blog and our carbon footprint, as well as an outsider's view of the legal sector's position on climate change, there's only one thing that's likely to happen (with Sarah's permission of course!)

Amazing stats from McAfee (16 April 2009)

Spam emails create as much greenhouse gas as 3.1 million cars every year. The 33 billion kilowatt hours of electricity used globally each year to ask us if we would like to last longer could be used to power 2.4 million homes.

Did anyone see The Speaker last night? (8 April 2009)

It's a programme designed (I think) to find the UK's best 14-18 year old public speaker. The panel of experts, including Jo Brand, a RADA tutor and a "motivational speaker" (always dodgy) argued the relative merits of each of the kids who got up and told (in some cases, acted) a short story about something that is important to them.

Watching the years float down the Thames (31 March 2009)

For today's opener - a special mention to Husnara and Corrine of The Lawyer and Lawyer 2B - and a big thank you for their kind words along the lines of "AG should have entered The Lawyer and Lawyer Human Resources awards!" I shall return from the House of Lords less cynical about the link between awards and table bookings.

City boys and mufti (26 March 2009)

I wore a bold pinstripe suit today in a post-credit-crunch-City-worker-ironic sort of way.

Elephants and Big Week Out (19 March 2009)

This morning I discovered that baby elephants develop at the same rate as human babies, so an abandoned 2 year old elephant is as capable of looking after itself as a two year old child, or not.

Big Week Out is launched (17 March 2009)

Funny how we've had almost as many volunteers sign up on the first day on the BWO3 campaign, as for the whole of the first BWO in 2007.

Leaders of men, the worthy of CSR Managers and me. (11 March 2009)

Just been to breakfast with the Lord Mayor (and a few others).

Save the Atlantic (9 March 2009)

I had a strange dream last night. I dreamt that I was being asked to run a marketing campaign for the Atlantic Ocean (which apparently was getting bad press as a result of the Gulf Stream slowing down and the UK having perpetual winters).

The Age of Stupid (2 March 2009)

Just thought I'd tell you about this film.

Ego broadcast (1 March 2009)

I watched some of Barack Obama's inaugural speech again last night. He is so CSR, with a very big R.

Personal Social Responsibility (24 February 2009)

Back in the Western world having spent a week negotiating the many donkey carts and mopeds in the back alleys of Marrakech's souks.

Very good grief take 2 (10 February 2009)

Just been through Euston having had my usual delays from Watford.

Goalball (8 February 2009)

They said it couldn't be done......

Good grief! (6 February 2009)

When does £123.50 not equal £123.50?

Snow (2 February 2009)

The snow has seemingly implanted most of us back into our cosy nests.

Sarah Poland (20 January 2009)

Poland the internationalist? Read on.

My evening with the Goalball people (13 January 2009)

Just had some nice things said about the blog by James Risdon of RNIB.

Back on the trains, just (7 January 2009).

Yesterday I was supposed to be in Manchester, but a combination of overhead wires at Watford, broken rails at Rugby and possibly the odd driver fancying a lie in rather than going out in the cold, kept me in London.

Happy New Year to all our readers! (2 January 2009)

As you may have noticed, the CSR website has had a festive break, but that's not to say that the CSR Team haven't been making some resolutions.

Interview with the BBC (19 December 2008)

Yesterday morning I made a trip to Linton Lodge school in Southfields.

Paul Browne speaks (12 December 2008)

Here's Paul Browne (Divisional Business Director in our Finance and Projects Division). He's got something he wants to tell you about.

Charlie is our darling (11 December 2008)

When I got home last night, my wife said that the family had been laughing at me and my glasses. When I asked her what she thought of my enviro blog, she said, "I watched the first 20 seconds - I mean who wants to listen to you droning on for 4 minutes?"

LSA Green 500 and Poznan (9 December 2008)

Here is 4 mins 42 secs of me trying to sum up Kyoto/Poznan and the fact that I'm going to see Prince Charles at the launch of the Legal Sector Alliance tomorrow night. Enjoy.

Yay, Heart of the City part deux (4 December 2008)

Back to the typed word, having caused much mirth at home with the video entry.

Video snooze number one (1 December 2008)

Oh dear - there is a bloke who looks like he is in need of a good night's sleep talking on here. It's times like these that I wish I'd never said yes to the idea of using new technology.....

Something to tell the grandmother about? (28 November 2008)

Like the cheeses down the hillside back home in Gloucestershire, GoalBall rolls on.

Video diaries. Is the writing on the wall for this blog? (24 November 2008)

I'm pretty pleased with a new addition to the CSR family - video.

How to lose a stone in three days (21 November 2008)

You may be wondering why the CSR website seems to have stood still this week. Well, it has a lot to do with the bug that put me out of action for most of it. Not good timing....

I'm free to do what I want any old time (10 November 2008)

National Pro Bono Week started today. By all accounts day one has been a great success.

Guest blogger - Catherine Reed (7 November 2008)

National Pro Bono Week starts on Monday 10th November - we thought we'd give a blog entry over to Catherine Reed of the Law Society, who explains what NPBW 2008 is all about in 10 easy steps.

Getting the Horn (4 November 2008)

On route to Leeds and the next award dinner.This one didn't involve a submission or us buying places at a table, but our Trainees in Leeds have been recognised by The Prince's Trust for a project that was undertaken earlier in the year. Two of the organisers, Simon Lofty and Corporal Taylor are up for "Volunteer of the Year" award. Recent form would suggest that we will be a close second.......

Just a quick London to Watford sprint (30 October 2008)

I've have a spate of readers congratulating us on winning "The Most Runners' Up Awards" award. It's really pleasing to see so many people out there taking an interest in what we do, even if the bacon we bring home tends to be made out of Quorn.

Another day another disappointment (24 October 2008)

On an other trip home from another awards dinner, with nothing more to show than some very nice words in a glossy brochure.

On the way back from the Dragon Awards (22 October 2008)

This time last year I wrote a piece about one of my fellow dinner table guests and his liking of shooting elephants. This year the people around me exemplified the essence of Community Involvement - they were genuinely caring and interesting people.

Football and CND badges (15 October 2008)

The challenge I've put to this train is to get me to Leeds before England kicks off.

My bad (7 October 2008)

"When I write my blog at least I try to write it in English". He says to Mrs J-P, whilst reading one of her friend's columns. Blogging is after all a self indulgent, self congratulatory, activity. We can all become published authors, some of us even pretend to be writers!

Generation V (28 September 2008)

The economy seems to be dipping once again. Billions of taxpayers money is being injected to save the banking business and global capitalism to boot. Where does that leave CSR?

Plotting to change the world (22 September 2008)

Seems like a while since by blogging pen got immersed in paper - probably a sign of having had little time on the trains recently.

How much did that tunnel under Switzerland cost? (10 September 2008)

So the LHC has been turned on (with an electricity cost of £14M per annum). It does make me wonder if the world has gone mad - just think how many lives could have been improved with the billions spent to create a blip on an oscilloscope......

Everyone is back from holiday (5 September 2008)

I've spent a week warning people that they may appear on this page. But before I tell you about the hordes of interesting brains, there are a couple of things I want to brag about.

Karen Phillips, a tribute (1 September 2008)

Karen Phillips will be leaving Addleshaw Goddard in early October for new challenges in new pastures. Karen has been very much a driving force for the CSR programme over her time with the firm and her energy will be missed.

Italy and paperclips (28 August 2008)

A week in the Umbrian sun (and a couple of days sanding the living room floor) and I have returned without hair, to take my seat at the CSR desk.

Last knockings for Cluj 2008 (16 August 2008)

Here is our intrepid builder Victoria's last blog entry and a few more of her more interesting holiday snaps.

She may have aching limbs, but she's still able to party (15 August 2008)

1000 breeze blocks? That's easy work for a couple of the Recruitment team.

More news from the home front (13 August 2008)

Victoria "Bob" Richards has sent her latest report from our builders in Cluj. Shedtastic.

Blogging from Romania (12 August 2008)

Guest blogger, Victoria Richards, has sent through her first blogs from the Addleshaw Goddard building site in Romania. Here's what's happening in the Big AG House.

Moving green forward (8 August 2008)

Been a while since I've been on a train. Here's a round up of the stuff going on this week.

I am sick of seeing mini-drinks cans (25 July 2008)

Today has been a day trip to Bradford, via Manchester for a client meeting - yes I'm allowed to meet them sometimes! Manchester was full of promo girls handing out free cans of drink. When I got to Leeds I had three more offered to me on the station, outside the station and even outside our office! World domination?

Captain Ben and his flying PR machine (23 July 2008)

I'm off to see the B52s tomorrow night (at your age?), so it's good to find a connection in some stuff I was sent today.

Forward Yorkshire! (16 July 2008)

Across the Pennines he goes after a recently rare day out in Leeds. Long journey home, so an appropriately long blog entry!

Recession clouds looming (11 July 2008)

My room mate has a habitual sense of doom about him at the moment. As he didn't work through the last recession, being a young slip of a lad, he didn't enjoy the sensation of the bounce back afterwards (well, more a gradual dawning that job security had temporarily returned rather than a bounce).

Yay, Heart of the City (3 July 2008)

Can I now be considered a guru in my own lunchtime?

Back to life, back to normality (30 June 2008)

Big Week Out 2 is done and dusted and now I've got other "stuff" to worry about!

CSR and Glamour are not mutually exclusive (22 June 2008)

Regular Blog readers will realise that there is a correlation between train journeys and entries. This time I'm sat at home.

Blogging heck Tucker, where you been man? (11 June 2008).

Well the fact that countryside is rushing away from me would probably suggest I'm on a train. This time I'm making a flying visit to Leeds to spend part of a day at the Barnardos Access project. Yes, it's still going on and that's where I've been - deep in the Big Week Out Bunker.

Bollywood comes to AG (1 June 2008)

On my way home from the Bollywood Nights event. What a performance!

Oh the joys of Big Week Out (29 May 2008)

On a train up to Leeds in preparation for tomorrow's eBay Challenge, followed by being the compare for our very own alive girls performance at the Bollywood Nights event at the Yorkshire Dance Studios later tomorrow evening. The saris are ready, the curry is in the oven and it promises to be a great night out.

Taking the train to the walk (23 May 2008)

Friday night and on a train again. This time one that is taking me all the way to the Big Week Out.

What larks eh Pip? (19 May 2008)

Am on the way home from drinking white wine in the presence of two of the three most desirable women of my past 20 years (the other one being at home with the kids).

The end of a very busy week (16 May 2008)

Believe it or not I am on my way to see Girls Aloud at the O2 as a guest of Jack Sparrow of Ballymore.

Gordon Ramsay - should he be a loud ****? (10 May 2008)

About three years ago I asked a good mate, who is married to Gordon Ramsay's wife's best friend, if he could get me in front of the big man for 10 minutes to pitch him a business idea I was working on at the time. The mate accused me of abusing a friendship and the rest of his reply was worthy of Mr Moderation himself.

This means nothing to me.... (8 May 2008)

Am on an early Leeds/Manchester train with a late onset hangover to look forward to.

Trains, trains, trains and charity (27 April 2008)

Another train - this time early Sunday morning across the Pennines trying to get back to Watford from Leeds.

Cardiff and cash (24 April 2008)

I'm on my travels again. This time I'm sat on a train in Welsh Wales. We've just been through a place beginning with C, which was called Newport the last time I ventured over the Severn. There appears to be a distinct lack of visible steel works - you can tell it's been a while since I was here.

Today is Earth Day (22 April 2008)

Have you noticed the piles of fag ends piled up in our nation's gutters? I'm sorry, but as a non-smoker, I have to say that I think the inconsiderate nature of this practice is something I could never applaud. I wonder how many of those cigarettes' previous owners are aware that today is Earth Day?

Management Guide to Corporate CSR Blogging (20 April 2008)

I sometimes get to write articles for external websites and publications - here's one for all you latent bloggers out there, which will shortly appear on - one of the best in the business.

More plastic bag stories (17 April 2008)

Hands to the pumps, no bilge, just an amazing response to Big Week Out 2 and more plastic bag theory.

On the sponsorship trail (14 April 2008)

I've just showed my wife something clever on

Oh Plan A, where art though? (10 April 2008)

In Euston buying a ready meal on the way home. Display at the till read - "Bag for Life. For every purchase before 5 May we will be giving away a Bag for Life. After 5 May we will be charging 10p per bag - profits to environmental charity Groundwork". As my food was being put into one of the 10 billion+ plastic bags that supermarkets create every year, I thought "No, I want the Bag for Life!" And asked for one. The assistant hooked out a bag from under the counter - it felt like a seedy transaction..

Bird flew? 'Sno joke (6 April 2008)

I've just worked out that I've spent 35 hours asleep out of the last 48 and managed to lose over half a stone in the process! Anyone who saw Doctor Who last night may think I've been spawning Adiposes.

The return of the Dowding (2 April 2008)

I read today that blogs are supposed to be daily diaries and that 59 per cent of American teenagers write one. Surely there's a limit to amount of random thought the world wide web browser can stomach.

Electricity Bills (31 March 2008)

It was Earth Hour at 8 pm on Saturday. And I had a surreal moment.

Inspirational breakfast (27 March 2008)

Today is one of those Leeds, then Manchester, then London days. It all started with a jolly interesting breakfast.

Coat of many colours (20 March 2008)

If the CSR industry is the Atlantic and an idea I have is a thimble of purple dye, how will the Atlantic change colour?

Look at the ego on that! (14 March 2008)

Those of you who read this blog on a regular basis will have worked out that there is a significant correlation between my North-South train journeys and when entries appear.

Sometimes blogs write themselves (7 March 2008)

Today in Manchester has been one of those days when, after a long week of trekking around the country, things finally start to come together.

The day that never is (29 February 2008)

Some would say that Feb 29 should be the "global proposal" holiday.

Record breaking (27 February 2008)

Someone said to me the other day that they were watching my life unfold through this blog. Scary trousers.

Back from the USSA (19 February 2008)

This blog isn't exactly PC, but does have a point if you stick with it.

Guest blogger - Mark Gould (14 February 2008)

With Marcus Jamieson-Pond on his half term hols, the CSR team has invited guest blogger Mark Gould, AG's Head of Knowledge Management, to share his pearls of wisdom.

On holiday (7 February 2008)

I'm off to Disney with the kids, but I'm sure the wheels of the CSR bio-fuelled bus will keep on turning.

A day in the life of a CSR Manager (5 February 2008)

Rhiannon Lewis contacted the CSR team to find out more about what it does. In the spirit of being open and honest, we invited her to spend a day with our CSR Manager, Marcus Jamieson-Pond, who got her to write a blog entry.

Brighton Rocks - (31 January 2008)

More trains. This time I'm sat on its an early morning one to Brighton. Brighton? Not a lot of law going on there, I hear you say.

Power outage (24 January 2008)

Ever since I moved to Gloucestershire, 33 years ago, my father, an engineer, has looked at the tidal flow of the Severn and dreamt about putting an electricity generating project across it.

Elba Room (18 January 2008)

I met two blog readers earlier in the week and true to my word, I thought I'd tell the world about their work.

My mate Ed (8 January 2008)

It seems that people have got over their New Year hangovers.

New Year's Greetings (2 January 2008)

Bringing our resolutions together.

Yeah! Recognition!! (14 December 2007)

It's been a week of much excitement. Letters from royalty and news about potential glassware in February.

Tombolas are you ready! (10 December 2007)

Sorry to my regular readers who were hoping for a shot of blog over the weekend - I had a touch of the flu.

Red lights and white boards (4 December 2007)

I recently took a stroll into the heart of the more colourful part of Soho - all in the name of CSR.

Emailtastic (27 November 2007)

One of those days when the job throws up things that put me in my happy place.

Trains and rain (22 November 2007)

On the Transpennine service from Leeds to Manchester, looking at rain lashed hills and thinking about Christmas.

Reflections on NPBW (18 November 2007)

Yesterday a lot of people gave up a Saturday to attend a pro bono conference at the QEII centre in London.

Sir Bob (12 November 2007)

Last week saw the Yorkshire Forward Business and Community conference and our people out for Leeds Legal's environment week.

The future of CSR? (31 October 2007)

Halloween and I've been thinking about big scary issues.

£10 pays for one minute of a Hospice (19 October 2007)

There are two types of people in the world - those who talk about half term and those who don't, but I'm hoping that together we can help others.

A question over dinner (11 October 2007)

It was a glorious black tie event. The great and the good gathered to celebrate CSR success.

Generation Y 2.0 (6 October 2007)

This week has been an education for me - not least as I discovered that whilst I thought I was a part of Generation X, it turns out I may be younger than I think.

Memories of 1975 - the sequel (2 October 2007)

In my previous blog entry I made reference to a contact formed via FaceBook, Christine Lu. Christine replied to the story and has very kindly given me permission to print her reply.

Memories of 1975 (1 October 2007)

I'm playing a game of Scrabble with someone I've not spoken to since 1975......

The return of (25 September 2007)

Regular blog readers may recall that a while back there was a chap called Steven Vincent who used to have some vague association with the CSR website......

Green stuff (19 September 2007)

In Leeds, talking to the trees. It's all a CSR man needs.

Now here's something not everyone knows (16 September 2007)

Google Analytics is great - it's a chance to find out some interesting "stuff" about a website readership.

Doing a lot of good work for charidee (7 September 2007)

This week I've been mainly wearing my charity hat.

Letter from America (5 September 2007)

Sometimes emails arrive from the USA. I thought I'd share this one with you.

Insider knowledge (31 August 2007)

Yorkshire Business Insider magazine, August. Guru-tastic!

Blogging off (29 August 2007)

Like most people at the moment - I'm on my holidays enjoying the Devonian sunshine and think you may have enjoyed a break from my random thoughts too! Here's some more photos from Romania instead, sent to us by Dan Sabau of Habitat 4 Humanity.

Not just about hammers and nails (16 August 2007)

It's over 30 degrees on the building site and still the work goes on. Here is Jessica Hill's latest email home.

Another postcard from our builders (14 August 2007)

Jessica has sent us a few more words about wood, plus some pictures of progress on our housebuilding project, which is making great progress.

Postcard from Romania (13 August 2007)

Jessica Hill, our Graduate Recruitment Advisor and Guest Blogger, reports back after her first day on the building site.

Charity and Billy Bremner (8 August 2007)

Yep – it’s the Leeds/London train and blog time again. Just on the third arm of a tour of the offices talking about charity choices. A triangular trip between Manchester, Leeds and now back home.

Gotcha! (3 August 2007)

After a year of trying, BITC have hooked us.

AG tops a CO2 emissions survey (27 July 2007)

Today I spent lunch sat between two "blog" readers, talking about our success in a Lawyer magazine survey. For once, first place meant doing as little as possible!

3.6 tonnes per person per year (20 July 2007)

Leeds - London. On a train that is trying to improve its carbon footprint by not turning the air conditioning on. Despite the earlier storms, it is still hotter than July (...should be).

Everybody dances to the CSR beat (11 July 2007)

My latest trip has opened my eyes to the world of dance.

When watching the rain, think of the weather (5 July 2007)

Yes. You are right. I am indeed sat on another train. This one is Manchester to Watford after a couple of days in a very rainy city, even by the standards of the North West.

In the papers (26 June 2007)

Our CSR programme made the news three times in one day on Tuesday. Quality!

The Big Week Out is over (18 June 2007)

One community centre, one enormous gardening project and three schools. We did it.

It starts tomorrow (10 June 2007)

The Big Week Out kicks off tomorrow - weather pemitting.

Paint brushes at the ready (30 May 2007)

Another day, another GNER trip

Sunday musings (20 May 2007)

I had started to think that having launched the website, the pressure would be off. How wrong was I? So I'm beginning to think that perhaps my time management is poor.

Why the Big Week Out (15 May)

I had a very humbling experience in Leeds last week.

The Power of Positive Thinking (4 May 2007)

Today I was mainly in the Leeds office and spent time talking to positive people. I wonder if the CSR project attracts them, or creates them? Either way, it's good to be surrounded by people who want to make a difference.

CSR website launched today (1 May 2007)

Lift off! The CSR website went live today.

When Marcus met Jennifer (30 April 2007)

I've just walked past millions of pounds worth of art in Deutsche Bank, having shared the lift with Jennifer Saunders.

Ideas for lunch (20 April 2007)

A couple of days ago I was asked by Michelle Milnes at Freshfields if I fancied meeting up for lunch.

CO2 debate rising (12 April 2007)

On my holidays last week and yes, I flew.

The Great Comic Relief Bake-Off 2007 (5 April 2007)

Marcus has asked me to step in to keep the blog content flowing in his absence.

Night train to Watford (26 March 2007)

This comes to you on a late night train to Watford (not Georgia). (15 March 2007)

The bulk of my working hours in recent days has been spent writing the forthcoming CSR website. It promises to be a great source of information and ideas for anyone who strays onto the pages.

Car Crash Feedback (7 March 2007)

At the weekend I was nearly killed in an RTA. When driving along a country road, a car came hurtling towards me.

Monkey Magic (1 March 2007)

Now for something that shows how one person can make a difference to the Environment.

The Mayoress of Armley (26 February 2007)

Now here is a completely weird thing.

Community (23 February 2007)

Everything we do has a direct impact on the community around us. We can sit back and absorb it, or we can actively engage with it.

People (19 February 2007)

As you know, we have identified our CSR as having four strands: People, Community, Marketplace, and the Environment.

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